Stewart Colbert Rally Reveals Generation Dumb-Ass

stupid kids protest The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear showed the world that there is a group of young adults in America who really need to be put over granny’s knee and given an ole fashioned spankin’.  These are the kids who have grown into Generation Dumb-Ass.  They may have left their pacifiers behind, but their pacifiers never left them.  Someday soon, they may grow-up.

Hosts Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert paraded like child-molesters in front of the crowd of mostly white adults in their 20′s and early 30′s.  There words were many, but the message was pointless.  Only the mindless and spineless youth in America would understand such psychobabble. 

The victims of the tongue-in-cheek humor clamored along with the rhetoric that was supposed to tone down the anger and division in America.  I guess the young babies that made signs showing Conservative icons with Hitler mustaches didn’t get text message about that.  Littered among the crowd were many "Vote Sanity" stickers.  The adolescent who made the "I Masturbate To Christine O’Donnell" sign was probably wondering who "Sanity" was, and if she was cute.  Other than that, do any of them really know what any of that means?

What is most ironic about this rally is that the organizers and attendees were trying to portray themselves as being elitist and sophisticated by acting like morons.  In other words, America should recognize and honor the superiority of empty, gutless adults that give artistic performances in the likeness of backscatter.  Not a chance kids.

The reason why people are joining Tea parties and kicking liberal ideology to the curve is simple.  We are an independent people that have principle, dignity and discipline in our lives.  We are not interested in what we can get from our country, but what we can give.  We do not hate our Country, we love our Country.  Heck, we even care so much about you that we are willing to just step over you cry-babies throwing temper-tantrums on the Mall of DC.  Real adults know that children grow-up someday.

When your fit is through, you can join the rest of us.  We are the ones who will be rebuilding what the children before you tried to destroy.

By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise. –Adolf Hitler


Obama’s Street Beggar Gets A Taste Of Socialism

welcometosocialism On his knees and grasping his hands begging for something, an seemingly homeless man in Chicago got a taste of Socialism from Obama.  This happened in Chicagoland’s Hyde Park as President Barack Obama’s motorcade left a restaurant to get a takeout breakfast during campaign stops.    The motorcade just kept driving by the man.  I am not surprised, since this scene is the end game for the statist.  They want us all like this.

This photo is haunting to most. It shows us a real-life example of where we can end up if our freedoms are taken away.  Our survival could become a level of dependence where begging is a form of worship, sacrifice a form of patriotism and death a shard of honor. 

This man’s only hope right now is to move to New York and pray the “Rent Is Too Damn High Party” wins next week.  Barack Obama may not have heard his stomach growl, but Jimmy McMillian would have.  The rest of us are too busy beating our plowshares into swords.


Get Ready To Forfeit Your Money And Freedom

A few short months ago, people were saying, "There’s no way this healthcare bill is going to pass because the majority of Americans oppose it." The alarm was sounded, but the Democrats ignored the American people and pushed Obamacare through anyway.  The Democrats didn’t care what we wanted. Well, the alarm has sounded again. The elaborate "over paid" union pension plans are about out of funds, and the Obama administration has decided to seize all private retirement accounts to bail out the bankrupt union retirement plans.

It’s another government power and wealth grab to separate us from our money and our freedom. It’s a fact that the Obama administration plans to bail out their union buddies at our expense through what Biden is calling "retirement security options." Yep, Obama plans to seize our retirement savings to bail out his union buddies.

Obama calls it "redistribution of wealth", and he intends to stick it to us again under the disguise of a guaranteed retirement plan – like Social Security was suppose to be. However, his real purpose is to seize all private retirement accounts, (including 401K, 403K, retirement savings, and retirement CDs) to bail out his crooked union buddies.

Don’t sit back and say, "it won’t happen." It will happen unless we do something to stop it. They forced Obamacare on us against our will, and they plan to take our retirement money whether we like it or not. The Democrats didn’t care what we wanted when they passed Obamacare. Do you think they changed since then?

If you don’t go out and vote straight Republican by November 2, we will be farther down the road to becoming peasants in another third world country – formerly the greatest country in the world, "America." You can fight this hypocrisy right now with your vote, or you can wait until you have to put your life on the line.

The choice is yours right now. I’m warning you of what is coming if you don’t take action now. Please take the time to go vote a straight Republican ticket or get ready to forfeit your money and your freedom. This election is more important than most people realize. Please forward this to everybody you know.

Charles Wills @ FreedomUSA


Renee Ellmers Is Right On Immigration For North Carolina

Renee Ellmers and Bob Etheridge Immigration Compared made this chart showing the differences between North Carolina District 2 Congressional Candidate, Renee Ellmers and the incumbent, Bob Etheridge.

Ellmers reflects the positions of people in the 2nd Congressional District.  She does not support Amnesty. 

In contrast, Etheridge supports:

–Amnesty for illegal immigrants. 

–Not securing our borders

–Not defunding sanctuary cities

–Not limiting legal immigration to help the US economy

–Not ending Visa Lotteries

–Not supporting local police in protecting US citizens from crimes of illegal immigrants gave Etheridge a “C” for his stance on Immigration.  We give Etheridge an “F” instead. 

Renee Ellmers gets an “A” from us for her solid stand in opposition of amnesty for illegal immigration.


Burr-Bizzell Rally Should Have Been The Renee Ellmers Rally

The Burr-Bizzell Rally on October 22nd in Smithfield, NC was huge!   Held at the Central Marketing Tobacco Warehouse, candidates were greeting people among plates of some good ole North Carolina Barbeque.  The crowd was so large that people were shuttled back and forth to the warehouse from an open field on Wal-Pat road.  Lots of fine Patriotic people showed up at the rally.  The whole family had a great time.

But, the rally really missed a great opportunity to headline Renee Ellmers who is running against Bob “Who Are You?” Etheridge for the 2nd Congressional district.  Richard Burr and Steve Bizzell have comfortable leads in their respective races.  So, why not make the party about the underdog, Renee Ellmers?   She was the best speaker at the rally!  Most importantly, she needed to send ole Bobby back to whatever farm he crawled out from.  Didn’t Bob Etheridge ever read Animal Farm by George Orwell?

Reported from the Ellmers Campaign today:

There are other signs Congressman Etheridge is panicking as we near Election Day.

This morning, we were listed in the Wall Street Journal as one of five races to watch for upset victories. And, also today, we were listed by Erick Erickson at as one of the top races in the country to watch.

Ellmers may not be the underdog, after all.  Maybe the rally ended up being about her, anyway.

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