Happy Neo-Conservative Veterans Day

kuwait67 Conservatives such as myself who do not equate our military with being an imperial force are called Neo-Conservatives by Libertarians and liberals.  It is often very disappointing to read the libertarian views by anti-war advocates.  They articulate a view that casts our beloved men and women in uniform as Leviathan robots that seek to be an internal security menace for America. 

Today is not the day for anti-war and anti-soldier arguments.  The fact is there are those among us who gave so much to make us free in America.  Whether the war they served in was an nation building effort or fully justified in the eyes of some, that does not matter.  Today we honor the people, not the conflict. 


Notice To Terrorists: San-Francisco Hates You The Most

Hello, terrorists of the world.  If you are looking for a good place to exact some revenge, then San-Francisco may be just the place to do it.  Here are the reasons why:

1. They dress up to mock you.  Those homosexual costumes they wear are really not about being gay.  These flamboyant figures are dressing up to spit in the face of your creator.  Your creator made men and women for a purpose – but, they want to make women into men and men into women.  That must be dealt with.

2. They will not fight back.  San-Francisco is just like you – they hate the US Military.  Not only will they not fight back from an attack, but they will not ask for retaliation when their dead paint the streets.  Not fighting back is akin to being a coward and that must be dealt with.

3. They are traitors to the American way.  Not believing in American greatness or anything American is a betrayal of their homeland.  Traitors must be dealt with.

4. They have banned the McDonald’s Happy Meal.  These tree-hugging plant eaters do not want their children to be given high-calorie and high-fat meals.  But, shouldn’t these people be cooking their own food for the family to eat?  Why are they taking their kids out to eat?  It sounds as if San-Francisco parents are not taking care of their families.  That must be dealt with.

5. San-Francisco is the home of Starfleet Academy.  That must be dealt with.


Meet Your New Congress Member, Renee Ellmers

New Members 2010 – North Carolina


Date of Birth: Feb. 9, 1964
Birthplace: Ironwood, Mich.
Residence: Dunn, N.C.
Occupation: Nurse
Education: B.S., Oakland University 
Previous Office Held: None
Family: Husband, Brent; one child

Renee Ellmers defeated seven-term Rep. Bob Etheridge (D), who gained national attention when he was caught angrily confronting two students on tape. 

Ellmers was born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. After completing high school, she trained as a medical assistant. For the next eight years, Ellmers attended college while working full- and part-time jobs. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from Oakland University.

She gained attention during the campaign when she came out with an ad that seemed to use the words “the Muslims” and “the terrorists” interchangeably. It focused on the proposed Islamic cultural center in New York City, a few blocks from the former site of the World Trade Center.

Source: http://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/126339-new-members-2010-north-carolina


Little Bobby Etheridge Is Staying Home


Despite lower funding, lack of major support from the Republic Establishment, and little name recognition Renee Ellmers has won a close victory over Bob Etheridge.  This is a huge win for those of us in the 2nd House District in North Carolina. 

But, the battle is just now starting.  We need to continue the fight and keep our voices heard.  We can not relax a single moment.  Our generation has discovered that inaction is no longer a luxury we can afford. 

Lets continue to support Ellmers as she takes our voices with her to Liberal-Land.  She will need our support.  Bobby will be in the shadows, lurking and waiting.  Lets keep him there.


Spill Some Tea Today And Vote Vote Vote


The liberal media is still in denial.  Only the elitists would see a sweep of Republicans into the Congress as a mandate to surrender to Obama.  They are saying that Americans want Republicans to come to Washington to be bi-partisan and work with Obama to get things done.  Nothing is farther from the truth.  The Republican upswing into Congress is more akin to offering the other set of hands in Obama’s fist-fight against anyone who disagrees with him.

Americans know that when government is moving forward, it is trampling on its citizens in spite of itself.  More Americans see now more than ever that government is like a sin that desires to have us.  We must resist. 

Socialism is tempting, but nothing satisfies the American soul more than the endeavors of free will and enterprise.  Such is the spirit of the Tea Party Revolution.  This is only Day 1.