This Moment Is Up To Us To Choose

USA Today had the flatulent Obama phrase “…this moment is up to us…” on the front page today.  He is correct.  America needs to make the choice between government control of our lives or embracing our God-given freedoms as Americans.  The 2011 State of the Union address was another reminder of why we need to continue our efforts to take Washington back from the Statists that litter the halls.  Obama decried the deficit that he exacerbated, rebranded his proposals and talked in circles about corporate taxes.  The lackluster applause he received is an accurate reflection of what people on main-street thought – it was a bunch of double-speak.

The most prominent example of Obama’s double-speak was the use of the word invest in lieu of using the real word he meant – spending.  Parents that take out college loans to invest in their children’s education still have to borrow the money and repay it back.  Obama was simply trying to make us all think that money we invest or spend is not really borrowing since we will reap the reward.  But, just like college loans, the promised investment doesn’t always come through – especially when government is involved.  How many people in America with tons of college debt are underemployed? 

Obama’s tone was again condescending to us all.  He preached more government doing more to fix problems in our country.  What he should have proposed to ending the evolving government intrusion into our daily lives.  But, statists think that government is the solution to everything.  Overwhelmingly, Americans do not agree with that position – expressed by the Republican surge last November.

Ultimately, double-speak is the only thing he really could have uttered.  How else could he have first convinced himself of what he was saying?  The speech was his sputnik moment, straight up into space.


Southwest Airlines Wimps-Out About Full-Body Scanners

After refusing a full-body scan in Terminal 1 (Southwest Airlines) at Raleigh-Durham Airport, I was subjected to a full-body pat-down.  Of course, I logged a complaint with Southwest about the new scanners and the whole Grade-A pat-down inspection.  Don’t expect much support from airlines in complaining about the TSA.  Southwest responded by basically saying that security is “not their job.”  The full text of my response is below in quotes.

While I would anticipate such spittle from awful airlines such as US Airways and United, I did not expect this from Southwest.  Southwest is clearly the best commercial airliner for customer service, in my opinion.  For them to duck this issue means big trouble for those of us who do not want the TSA groping and scanning us.

The airlines want to avoid this subject at all costs.  They do not want to be associated with the TSA’s bumbling security measures if the public revolts.  Worst of all, when all of these security measure fail to prevent another attack, the airlines want all blame to decapitate the government, not them. 

But, imagine if the government suddenly decided that all airlines MUST charge a fee for luggage?  Southwest would protest on our behalf for sure.  They would sing to the skies about how unfair and inequitable that sort of mandate was.  So, it is safe to say that Southwest has decided that customers do not matter.  Only the TSA matters now.

The escape route for Southwest is the “it’s optional” argument.  They can claim immunity from taking action against the scanners because it is an option and not required.  This argument may keep airlines off the hook for now.  But, we all know that once the public is comfortable with getting scanned naked, the metal detectors will disappear and scanning will be the only thing left.  Then the airlines will argue that TSA handles security and there are no other measures in use by the TSA.

Southwest responded to my complaint by saying that “…there is a delicate balance between privacy and security…”  This argument is wrong.  Expectation of privacy and prevention of illegal search and seizure is a right secured by the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution.  Therefore, a balance does not exist because a Constitutional mandate of security does not trump another Constitutional mandate.  In other words, you cannot violate one law to enforce another without due process. 

I ask of you, fellow Americans, how much is enough due process?  At what point will we rise up and demand privacy and security?  Hopefully, Americans will see the light before privacy becomes the least secure aspect of our lives.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concern regarding one of the screening processes used by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).
It’s important to explain that the implementation of imaging technology was determined solely by the TSA and not by the airlines. The TSA has a responsibility to ensure the security of the traveling public. However, they also recognize that there is a delicate balance between privacy and security; therefore, imaging technology is optional for all passengers. Please visit the TSA’s web site for more information regarding this screening method.
Again, we appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts. Should your future plans require air travel, we hope we will merit your consideration.


The Source Of Tyranny In The TSA

2010-11-23-humor-toon2 Tyranny reared its ugly head last month at the hands of the TSA. In what seemed to defy common sense, TSA employees began a policy of intense groping and squeezing to make sure no one was packing heat in their briefs.  Long before the physical molestation began, the TSA was trying to convince the public to surrender all to the unveiling full-body scanners.  More recently, the flyer who refused to strip for their trip was subjected to a physical search equivalent only to rape.

TSA employees are now officers in a Sovereign Transgression of America.  Our rights to privacy and unwarranted search and seizure are void.  All of us must be inspected inside and out in order to be saved from ourselves and the threat of terror.  This is bad, too – but, not the worst part of this whole situation.

The worst part is that thousands of government employees dressed up in JROTC uniforms think they have the right to see nude bodies and/or touch the private areas of law-abiding citizens.  As a professional in the medical field, I know that people have the right to privacy and to refuse treatment even if that decision may ultimately hurt the person.  I know that people own their own body.  I know there are boundaries for touching people due to the 4th Amendment of our US Constitution.  Most of all, I have a conscious and would not dare treat innocent people in such a manner like the TSA.  When the TSA was created after 9/11, the mantra was “…to federalize is to professionalize…”  These TSA drones are not professionals because professionals know better.

When I saw other people given the pat-down in airports last month, I wondered what kind of scum could do this sort of thing to people?  I also wondered why the TSA employees did not rise up and object to performing the new policies?   What level of education do people have when they think that buying a ticket to fly voids our rights to privacy?  Who the heck are these people?

The State-run media has tried to answer some of those questions.  In a whiny sales-pitch story about TSA employees last week, flyers were painted as hostile to the innocents trying to keep us safe.  On the other hand, the TSA are victims of the traveling public’s aggression.  After all, they are only trying to keep us little people safe.  We should be thankful that strangers see us naked or feel our body all in the name of safety.  This line of thinking is relative to a 14 year-old girl expected to be thankful for being raped.

Few reports have surfaced where TSA drones actually claim to object to the new security measures.  While there may be some who do actually think they are doing wrong, they are unwilling to speak up and object for fear of losing their Federal job and benefits.  The salary range for TSA may be low, but the retirement and health benefits make up for it in the long haul.  They know that once they are tired of working, the Federal Government will keep them comfortable for many years to come.

So, my conclusion is that TSA employees are the kind of people you do not want to meet in a back alley somewhere.  They are gutless, selfish, character-void people with no regard for others.  If they were not these things, then they would have risen up in objection before the public was subjected to this behavior.

TSA employees claim, ‘We’re not perverts’  They are right, they are worse.  They are unprofessional opportunistic rapists.

Heaven forgive me if I can not root out those passions which it has implanted in my bosom, and detest submission to a people who have either ceased to be human, or have not virtue enough to feel their own wretchedness and servitude! – Sam Adams


WikiLeaks Are WikiSqueaks To Destroy Hillary Clinton

thinkaccidentsavoidable There is a mouse in the White House and no one wants to find it.  Much like an episode of "Tom and Jerry" our government is chasing that varmint at its own peril.  Someone in that house keeps leaving cheese out for the mouse to find.  The world watches while the cat chases the mouse.  Meanwhile, the State-run media is not firmly asking "who" did this and for what reason?  As more details emerge about the Wikileaks content, the answers appear obvious.  It seems that for Democrats, the 2008 Primaries are not over.

Today the Whitehouse continues to put its best contorted face for the public.  But, they and others in the Press are more fixated on planetary "damage control" and pacification of our allies than figuring out the "who" and "why."  Why should they?  It would seem logical that this depth of information could not have been passed along without being cleared by the Executive Branch.  So, any inquiry into the source of leaked documents points directly back at the President and his minions.  Of note, it is rather entertaining to see the same Press that thinks 9/11 was an inside job by President Bush totally disregard any hints of impropriety by President Obama. 

The Wikileaks information puts the tactics and leadership of Hillary Clinton at question.  Clinton’s intrusive and backstabbing methods of dealing with allies and enemies nullifies her effectiveness as Secretary of State.  It also clears Obama of responsibility for the poor level of foreign relations that the US now owns.  Hillary Clinton no longer looks to be on a world leader status, which will keep her from perching to a future post at the UN.  It also creams her ability to be a serious challenge to Obama in 2012.  Obama wants to be the United Nations messiah after his eight years in office.  This Wikileaks exposure keeps him squeaky clean and able to assume the post.

Hillary will soon exit stage left and be another contributor to Obama’s unemployment statistics.  Maybe she can gang up with Dick Morris and write a book about how Obama is wrecking the US.


Durham NC Uses Mexican IDs To Enlarge Its Pothole Status

image I encourage the Durham City Council to allow Mexican Illegal Immigrants to identify themselves with Mexican IDs.  I do not live in Durham, NC and would love for more illegals to live in Durham.  Encourage them to move there, please!

In support of the City Council, nothing prevents crime better than being able to identify who is destroying their beautifully dilapidated city.  According to the “growing pothole” theory of crime, efforts to prevent crime and enforce existing law would be illogical.  Instead, easily fabricated ID cards and a friendly rapport with criminals will most certainly enhance it character and quality of life.

But, I do have a few questions for the Durham City Council:

  • –How does the City of Durham plan to validate the accuracy of the Mexican IDs?
  • –What will the City of Durham do when the ID is suspected to be fabricated?
  • –What will you do when the Illegal population becomes so populace that you will be voted out and replaced with Mexican drug lords?

Actually, Durham is already worthless.  This act would just be more of the same for that growing pothole in North Carolina.