Another Reason Not to Buy “American” Automobiles

In the fourth year of car loan payments for my 1995 Saturn SC2, I was adding a quart of oil a week to keep “old smokey” running.  That car, like many Saturns in those model years were infamous for leaking oil due to an engine design flaw that Saturn never admitted was a problem.  That leaking oil gave me a signature ride that made me a circus attraction at any prolonged stop. 
Before the Saturn, I kept a Chevrolet Corsica alive for several years.  The Corsica was a replacement for my fading Chevrolet S-10 that was losing life as it neared the loan payoff date.  Even before that, my Chevrolet Monza was the original “old smokey.”  The Monza made the Saturn look like a cigar smoker.

I am a good red-blooded Southern American that loves American cars.  But, I just can not own any more of them.  At a minimum, I want my car to last until it is paid off.

So, the big American car makers led by GM went before congress and begged like mud-eating pigs for “bailout” money because they are losing money.  I don’t recall anyone offering to bail me out of owning those GM vehicles?  In fact, I had to bail myself out — by buying only Japanese cars for the last several years.   

Judging by the quality of the GM cars I owned, there has been more focus on feeding the unions than building cars.  This is evident more than ever since the CEOs beg for money instead of cutting the appetite of the unions.

Eventually the union power will burn up in smoke just like my GM cars did.  After all they have years of experience making “old smokies.”


My Biggest Career Mistake

Its a good thing that time machine’s are not real.  If they were, I would transport back to my college days and change my major to meteorology/climatology – or to phrase another way – psychic studies.  What better way to generate a considerable income simply speculating about the weather – and be wrong most of the time? 

Because of the advances in computer science, the weather psychics can use statistics and algorithms to assist them in their art of deception.  The cowards can hide behind a computer and blame the “models” for not being correct.  That is spineless – but, a pretty darn good way to make a living.

Since I work in the medical field (and live in a world based on accuracy and logic), I look at the whole science of weather prediction with skepticism.  If I made errors in patient care at the same rates of error as weather psychics, then I would probably be in jail.   

So, why should I believe anything these speculators say about changes to our long term weather – better known as climate change?  If you are wrong about predicting the weather with 100% accuracy over the next few days, then it makes sense to me that I should not believe your predictions about the weather trends in the near and/or distant future.  If I gave you the wrong medicine in the hospital a few times, you would not take any other medicine from me for sure.

What is worse is that human kind is accused of being the cause for these changes.  Because these weather psychics can predict the weather so well, we can trust them to tell us the source of these changes?  Right.  In fact, they are saying humans should have guilt for existing and submit to reducing our quality of life for the planet.  Not a chance, buddy.

As a child I remember the big scares of “a new ice age” being predicted.  Our school teachers spewed that emesis  in our classrooms making us feel guilty for living and causing the ice age.  They said our frozen future was very bleak.  But, I am sure none of those teachers were giving their retirement money to charity in leu of this. 

Nonetheless, after I chiseled my way out of school – the scare became ”global warming.”   Now the weather warnings are going back to the “ice age” predictions again.  To complete the circle of life, my kids are coming home talking of climate change.  It is changing, I tell them.  It is changing so fast no-one can predict it.

When you can predict the weather 100% of the time for the next few years, then maybe you can get some creditability in my eyes.  When your psychic predictions about future weather does not change every ten years, then mabye you can also gain some creditability. 

I should have chose the field of meteorology/climatology as my field of college study.  I could have made a great living making mistakes and scaring people.  But, then again, I would have been a spineless coward.  That is just not me.


Bill Clinton was my Obama

During the 1992 Presidential election season, I was a young man working toward a college education.  My vote was cast for Bill Clinton mainly because of his campaign promise to provide free college tuition in exchange for several years of civil service.  Also, he represented the change and hope for a future I was still yet to build.

Over the next few years, I was so busy working and finishing my education that I almost didn’t notice the unfulfilled campaign promise I had hoped for.  What I did notice was my income being cut by Clinton tax increases and a never ending saga of lies and empty promises.

The best lesson the Clinton years taught me was not to rely on hope – especially hope in a person or the government.  Instead, as I worked to make my achievements a reality, I gained faith in my own abilities.  Faith has been the foundation of my success in life.

Sixteen years later, another president has been elected using the slogan of hope.  But, many who voted for hope in Obama and the government will see all of that eventually fade away.  They will realize that the best things in life come from the endeavors of their own hands, not government.  You can have faith in that.

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