Who Are The Alligators In The Moat Mr President?

With Osama Bin Laden’s blood freshly cleaned off his hands, President Obama must still be in a killing mood. He must think everyone else in the government is blood-thirsty, too. Why else would he imply that Republicans would kill Mexicans crossing the border with alligators in a moat? Here is the exact quote:

"Maybe they’ll need a moat," Obama said. "Maybe they’ll want alligators in the moat."

In this new era of civility, it is quite interesting to play the word game of musical meanings within the parables of Democrats. In this case, Obama is basically saying to Mexicans that Democrats are a friend because Republicans are building a moat to keep them out. In the moat there will be plenty of alligators waiting to assist their efforts to be free–courtesy of the Republicans (and probably the Tea Party, too). 

It is very Hitler-like for President Obama to imply that one race of Americans would like to kill another race of people who are in the country. This speech is akin to anti-Jewish talk spouted by Hitler before WWII. However, this assertion is completely non-sense.  Consider this quote by another German:

“Isn’t it obvious that a person would leave from where he is hated so much? The heroism of staying in such a place is that of a roach which won’t be exterminated from the bathroom.” –Franz Kafka, German author.

If Mexican illegal immigrants were hated so much by most Americans right now, why are they not leaving the country in droves? Why are there still smiling Mexicans speaking Spanglish in every drive-through window in America? Why are they still trying to get across the border if the climate is so bad for them here in the US? Illegals are still crossing the border because they are treated better in the US than in their own native land.

Obama Gator - Obama claims Republicans want Mexicans killedTherefore, Obama’s speech today was totally equivalent to the rhetoric of Hitler chastising the Jewish people. Obama was sowing hatred against Americans. Obama wants to spark racial tension for political gain. But, unfortunately playing the race card will not help him in a 2012 push toward the finish line.  

America is a great country because money and a better quality of life can be made here very easily. It does not take an interpreter to understand that when jobs and quality of life continue to erode it is the fault of those in charge. Racism works only on a full stomach, stupid.

Anyone trying to cross the Republican moat will see that the alligators below are the Democrats. They are waiting to consume anyone who can be a victim of job-killing taxes, high gas prices and government policies. Republicans may have built the moat, but they at least have a bridge that can be lowered and crossed when threats from invaders are gone.


"My fame, if Providence preserves my life, will consist in works of peace, which I still intend to create." –Adolph Hitler, 1942.


Happy Osama Obama Day

Communists, socialists, anarchists and unionists should be ready to burn or boycott something. President Obama has stolen their thunder by killing Osama Bin Laden on May 1st, 2011. Forget their agendas – here forever after, May Day will be called Osama-Obama Day.
image If you had to re-read that last line a few times to process it – welcome to the club. The media stumbled all over themselves yesterday in an effort to not use Obama’s name in the place of Osama. Early Monday am, reporters were bumbling like a stutterer at gunpoint interchanging "Obama" for "Osama" and visa versa. Obviously, George Soros grew tired of this. By the afternoon, the press began to exclusively refer to Osama Bin Laden as "Bin Laden" and keep the President’s surname intact. Good thing they did not decide to use Barry and Bin Laden to reference the anointed ones. Even worse is the President’s middle name, Hussein. Conversations about the demise of Saddam Hussein can quickly disintegrate into confusion. Which Hussein?
We can’t have our President’s name being confused with a terrorist, after all. During HW Bush’s tenure as President, the press used the words terrorist and Bush interchangeably all the time. Anyone else out there think its odd how the two most wanted terrorists in the last several years (Osama, Hussein), have names very similar to our President?
This is a simple reminder that terrorism is not just practiced by bad guys from foreign lands. Terrorism is an everyday practice of the US Government against its citizens. Our privacy is null and void when traveling courtesy of the TSA. We are monitored by cameras everywhere we go. Our monetary activity, healthcare records, internet activity, emails and phone calls are monitored at a level we are not aware of. We are all, reduced down to an algorithm-a pattern of behavior that makes our every action suspect. The average American citizen is now considered guilty rather than innocent since there are enough laws to make innocent and accidental actions a criminal act.
In this regard, America’s celebration of Osama’s death as a victory is pure delusion. Americans think that we have won another battle against terrorism. But, the reality is that Osama is continuing to terrorize us. Osama watched as Americans gleefully surrendered freedoms and allowed the role of terrorist to be put in the hands of government. Born out of fear, Osama has enticed us to craft a Neuse of dependence on government. We willingly tied that knot through our embrace of safety over freedom. The breath of freedom is slowly being asphyxiated from our American souls.
May the flame of liberty be ignited in the generation that places our fearful and uninjured bodies in the ground. May they understand that the war against terror only ended when every American coward became a word in this shameful chapter of American history.


Will The Real Obama Birth Certificate Please Show Up

obamabirthcert Obama scolded Americans today for focusing like a laser on his birth certificate. We were told he had other things to do besides provide real legal proof of American Citizenship. But, lots of reasonable people began to wonder why the certificate was not public. Early on, the “birthers” we labeled as a conspiracy-laden fringe by the media and Washington Beltway Republicans. Recently, the clarion call for Obama’s disclosure by Donald Trump ignited a new level of skepticism among the American public. Why was he spending tons of money to prevent its release? Why have Hawaiian officials been so evasive about the release? Most of all, why was Obama not releasing the dern certificate?

Common sense would lead a reasonable person to believe that the certificate was being deferred for a reason. After all, we all have to reveal our birth certificates for a passport, driver’s licenses, ect.? It seemed rather idiotic for Obama to withhold this document–especially with nothing to hide.

Instead of being apologetic for dragging this media affair along for years, Obama insulted Americans for daring to ask questions. King Obama, Elitist-in-Chief thought our demands were akin to barking dogs in the night – just a pain in his royal behind.birth4

The birth certificate looks too perfect to be real. Even my own certificate from the 1970’s is not that pretty and colorful. In fact, mine is reverse black and white – white lettering on a black paper. That arrangement is hard to fabricate. In contrast, the lettering and mixture of typewriting fonts on Obama’s certificate make it look like an exercise in cutting and pasting.

I have done lots of genealogy work and I tell you the birth certificate seems like a fraud simply because it is too clean. Hopefully someone will do a typewriter font analysis and historical accuracy check for the released document.

Compare the Hawaiian certificate to alleged copies of a Kenyan birth certificate posted on the internet. To me, the Kenyan certificate appears more realistic because it is not perfect. Photoshop and GIMP photo editing software make images perfect. Real photos do not need editing software and make very believable imperfect images.

The fun has just begun, folks. This document controversy is not going away because when elitist snobs are critical and resentful of poignant questions – then there must be something going on behind the curtain.


Hilton Hotels Database Hacked

Hilton Hotels has been hacked! Well, technically the database of names and emails used for marketing was hacked. According to the email communication below, Epsilon had an unauthorized access to its systems a few days ago.  Hilton joins a group of large companies that had marketing data compromised.  While it is true that email phishing is the biggest risk for us victims, I wonder what other information Epsilon has about us? 

The Epsilon press-release indicates:

A rigorous assessment determined that no other personal identifiable information associated with those names was at risk. A full investigation is currently underway.

Ok, thanks so much for the specificity.

According to Epsilon, the total amount of customers affected was only about 2% of their customer base. That may sound like a small number, but that is just too many. Imagine a whole warehouse worth of paper being stolen – its unreal how quickly our virtual self can be compromised.  This results from a public not being fully engaged with asking where their personal data goes. You know those credit card notifications received in the mail about information disclosures? Who reads those?  Upon receiving healthcare, do people actually read the HIPPA privacy statement they are given? Better yet, who even knows about HIPPA privacy rights besides healthcare professionals?

Now is the time to pay attention and learn everything possible about personal data given out to third-party companies Our lives are becoming more like the movie “Surrogates” where the virtual self is more real that the physical self.  If we do not guard our virtual lives, then who else will do it? Whoever guards us, owns us.

Dear Customer:

We were notified by our database marketing vendor, Epsilon, that we are among a group of companies affected by a data breach. How will this affect you? The company was advised by Epsilon that the files accessed did not include any customer financial information, and Epsilon has stressed that the only information accessed was names and e-mail addresses. The most likely impact, if any, would be receipt of unwanted e-mails. We are not aware at this time of any unsolicited e-mails (spam) that are related, but as a precaution, we want to remind you of a couple of tips that should always be followed:
• Do not open e-mails from senders you do not know
• Do not share personal information via e-mail
Hilton Worldwide, its brands and loyalty program will never ask you to e-mail personal information such as credit card numbers or social security numbers. You should be cautious of "phishing" e-mails, where the sender tries to trick the recipient into disclosing confidential or personal information. If you receive such a request, it did not come from Hilton Worldwide, its brands or its loyalty program. If you receive this type of request you should not respond to it but rather notify us at fraud_alert@hilton.com.
As always, we greatly value your business and loyalty, and take this matter very seriously. Data privacy is a critical focus for us, and we will continue to work to ensure that all appropriate measures are taken to protect your personal information from unauthorized access.

Jeffrey Diskin
Senior Vice President, Customer Marketing
Hilton Worldwide


Gas Prices Are Too Damn High For 2012

Its a good thing Obama is so good at doing absolutely nothing to solve problems. His inaction about gas prices will give Republicans a free ticket into the White House. A cloud of mediocrity encamps about his Presidency. Like high unemployment we can expect high costs for the amount of cash leaving our pockets to buy gasoline.

Its one thing to raise taxes on the rich, but its another to look away while the common people suffer. Higher gas prices do not effect just a select few like targeted tax increases. Every American feels the pain at the pump. From sea to shining sea people living on food stamps to business people conducting travel have to fill their tanks to get places. That cost comes directly out of the purses of those who can least afford it. Such is the lie of socialism – it makes everyone miserable.

Contrary to liberal ideology, even the economically subsidized (Obama voter) in America do not want socialism. Because they do not work, they have loads of free time to consume resources such as food, alcohol, smokes, TV, the internet, cell phones, games, sex, gambling and cruising. Higher gas prices take away the buying power of the Obama voter in a major way. Unlike our government, the poor can not go into gobs of debt to keep a lifestyle afloat since cash is king. These pleasure-people will revolt when their quality of subsidized life goes down.

Deep down, the poor are scared to death to see the successful fail and suffer. They know that they receive the left-over table scraps of the producers in this nation. Even though they may openly resent it, the rich keep them afloat. Again, cash is king. The Obama voter will see the destruction around and fear their own existence. While openly supporting a socialist, when entering the voting both they will vote for security. Security comes from robbing the rich and productive in our country. If the rich are poor, then who shall care for those most in greed? A new President in 2012 will do just that.

"Only where every powerful group needs freedom for itself in order to compete with others can society as a whole be free. Freedom is the name of the arena in which various social forces contend."Max Eastman, Reflections on the failure of Socialism.