Ellmers Stands Firm On Debt Ceiling Vote

This is the response I received from Renee Ellmers after contacting her office today in support of not increasing our government’s debt ceiling. Of note, if Bobby Etheridge was still on Capital Hill he would be calling for an increase in the debt ceiling. Instead we have a sensible and responsible person representing us.

Thank you for contacting me to express your opinion on raising the debt ceiling. I am happy to share with you my views on this issue.

Reigning in federal spending is my top priority in Congress. For too long, Congress has spent the hard-earned tax dollars of our citizens without thinking of the consequences.  This out-of-control federal spending is bankrupting our country and will eventually lead to economic disaster.  We must restore economic sanity and allow for private sector job creation.

It is important to understand that raising the debt ceiling has nothing to do with reigning in spending. Our national debt will continue to rise by itself because of mandatory spending programs such as interest payments, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other entitlement programs. Raising the debt ceiling simply gives us legal permission to pay the bills that will continue to accumulate until we have serious spending reform.

I am currently working with the House leadership to fight for substantial spending cuts as the vote over the debt ceiling looms closers. Be assured, I will not vote to raise the debt ceiling in any “clean vote,” nor will I vote for any legislation to raise the debt ceiling without significant spending cuts and entitlement reform attached.

Again, thank you for taking the time to contact me on this matter. I look forward to communicating with you in the future as I serve the people of the Second District of North Carolina.  If you would be interested in receiving my e-newsletter, or for other information, please visit my website at www.ellmers.house.gov to sign up or contact me.


Renee Ellmers
Member of Congress


Liberal Media Learns Palin-tology

Sticking to her reputation as a maverick, Sarah Palin embarked on a whirlwind bus tour this Memorial Day weekend. Stopping at different historical sites along the East coast, she made stump speeches that honored our nation’s fallen.

President Obama paid homage to the dead heroes by playing golf. It was not a good game since the Memorial Day cannons booming in the distance dismantled his concentration. That is justice. Sarah201203

Obama’s Blackberry must have been ringing with cries from his beloved state media, too. They whined about about Palin’s “catch me if you can” bus tour. Palin wasn’t playing by the Washington rules by being a sitting target for their partisan attacks. What were the drones for and can they be used in the US, they asked? No they could not use satellites to track that gang of tea bagger’s, either.

The press was left with little much more than Paparazzi techniques as Palin played cat-and-mouse with them. But, the media does not do that well since they like to setup, stage and manufacture the news.  If someone gets hurt making the news, well – that is Palin’s fault, too.  She is expected to comply with their standards and demands. That sounds a lot like a tyrannical government to me. Sarah ain’t going to play that game anymore. She is calling the shots and constructing her own life. Palin is a leader, not a follower.

The media has learned the first lesson of Palin-tology – Palin is the one in control, always. Attempts to turn tables on her will be futile. What else does the media expect when they play games with a pit-bull? Go Sarah!


The World Will End Yesterday

doomsday code 2011 rapture Robert Fitzpatrick If you are reading this then today is yesterday and tomorrow is ancient history. That kind of logic makes sense to a church out there  warning us that the world will end today. Sorry, this is my day off from world calamity.

Normally, this kind of babble doesn’t get too much headway in the elitist minds of the liberal media. But, progressives are loving this kind of stuff lately. It makes the religion of global-warming seem tame compared to this church’s level of supposed extremism. They also hope people will be distracted with this pandemonium instead of cursing Obama’s name at the gas pumps.

The media makes every effort to cast this group of religious folks as “evangelicals.” In the Progressive dictionary of Double-Speak that means Christians. This exercise of “religion-ism” also places those who actually believe in a “rapture of the Saints” in the same padded-room as this church group. Now the narrative will be that a belief in the “rapture” is kooky. Wouldn’t it also be great if those same “rapture” believing weeble-wabbles were brewers in the Conservative Tea-Party? Expect it.

Whether or not Christians are raptured on May 22, 2011 is really missing the point. First, if it wasn’t for Freedom of Speech in America, these people would not be able to advertise their beliefs. The concept of Religious Freedom is on full display, too. People across the world were probably more in tune with their faith this week. Many also reflected on their final destination or the value of life. If this commotion made an improvement in someone’s life lately then it was surely well worth it.

After all, the alternative is a world with a religion of the state. Progressives want the government to be the desire of our hearts and our savior. Government is God for liberals. But, God warned us to “have no other Gods before me.” So, it may be wise for Progressives to rethink that position just in case. Otherwise, see you yesterday.


Is A College Degree A Big Lie?

This is the time of year for high school graduations around the country. The same gospel is being preached everywhere–without college you are a loser. Teachers and administrators alike preach that true worth is obainted by ascending unto the hill of university. Worse yet, they indoctrinate youth into thinking that any other path post graduation will lead to poverty and suffering. For the education industry, the only way to make good money is through their pearly gates.

Tell that to the economics graduate who was driving me around in a taxi-a second job to pay his college debt. He knows all about economics-but lacks the ability to translate that knowledge into a skill that someone will pay him to perform. Hence  education is not a spectator sport. The bench does not pay well.

Spread the word about this great video about how the education industry has warped our society into a cycle of dependancy and passive-socialism.


Newt Gingrich Is A Barnyard Bully

newtisapigGingrich the Grinch barely got out of his pig pen of ideas before revealing arrogant and elitist stripes. As a vocal defender of Freedom and Religion for many years, the GIMP portrayed a perfect facade of surface Conservatism. But, after vocalizing support for the ObamaCare  mandate this weekend, we can clearly see that he is actually not supportive of Freedom or Liberty.

Instead, he must truly believe that our rights are first granted by the State. How else could he support a Federal Government requirement that each citizen enter into an involuntary contract?

Like the lead sow on the Animal Farm, his Presidential bid is a smoke screen for an empirical nature that only our current President could admire. Gingrich is nothing more than a Republican Obama talking out of both sides of his contorted intellectual mouth.

This fake must be put at the front of the line for political slaughter, thrown to the wolves – and quickly. This big pig cannot be allowed to pull a McCain maneuver, acting like a Conservative and a moderate at the same time. What the Grinch will do is discourage the Republican base by trumpeting moderate views. Like McCain, the press will carry this dissonance very loudly and attempt to drown out the voices of true Conservative candidates.

Unfortunately, it also demonstrates how personal behavior can be a determinant of professional efforts. Gingrich just started to flirt with voters and already he is having an intellectual affair with everyone else. Guess its true you can’t put lipstick on a pig.