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Liberal Media Learns Palin-tology

Sticking to her reputation as a maverick, Sarah Palin embarked on a whirlwind bus tour this Memorial Day weekend. Stopping at different historical sites along the East coast, she made stump speeches that honored our nation’s fallen. President Obama paid homage to the dead heroes by playing golf. It was not a good game since read more …


The Associated Press Could Learn From Glen Beck

The ASSociated Press tried to act newsworthy when it reported on the Glen Beck “Restoring Honor” rally this past weekend.  The most shallow report I read was the AP’s  “Beck Rally Signals Election Trouble for Democrats.”  The poor excuse of an article suggests that this rally was just another Tea Party picnic full of bitter-clingers. read more …


Palin Power: One Out of One Criminals Hate Her

Former jail bird, Martha Stewart, has commented on Sarah Palin saying she is dangerous.  How right Stewart is!  Palin is dangerous to liberalism and statist elitism.  Who really cares what a criminal thinks of Palin, anyway?  Yes, I know.  Only liberals do. This is another example of typical Democrat disdain for the common American.  Stewart read more …