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Obama’s Street Beggar Gets A Taste Of Socialism

On his knees and grasping his hands begging for something, an seemingly homeless man in Chicago got a taste of Socialism from Obama.  This happened in Chicagoland’s Hyde Park as President Barack Obama’s motorcade left a restaurant to get a takeout breakfast during campaign stops.    The motorcade just kept driving by the man.  I am read more …


The Reason Korans Will Burn On 9/11/2011

For the first time since the events of 9/11, Christian churches have risen up and threatened the unfathomable. This year, several pastor’s announced they would burn copies of the Muslim “Holy” Book, the Koran. The result was predictable. Muslims protested, burned flags, burned Bibles and chanted for the death of America. Surprisingly, our government decided read more …


Obama Is Not A Deadbeat Dad

Jason Mattera of Human Events has called Obama a deadbeat dad. The justification for this title stems from Obama leaving his girls with a country in much worse shape than he received it. He argues that the ensuing mess left by Obama will impact the quality of life for his family. While it is true read more …