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Christians all around America stood in long lines at Chick-Fil-A yesterday and trumpeted their participation all over social media in the same reverence as a gay-pride event. Reports indicate that around half-a-million showed up to give a "cluck for some bucks" in support of traditional marriage. This uprising reveals just how asleep and "chicken" we are. Thousands will fall off pews to oppose gay marriage, yet will not whisper a public peep when our true Freedoms are threatened and slowly taken away.

When ObamaCare was passed in 2010, there was some uprising from people calling themselves members of a "Tea Party." If there were Christians in that bunch, then the Party was nothing compared to the passionate bloviating exhibited over Chick-Fil-A yesterday. Churches were silent.

bornagainchicken When the central control of our health — our lives were delegated to the government with the passage of the Affordable Care Act, American Christians were still snoring.

When an ObamaCare mandate declared by fiat earlier this year that Churches must provide birth control coverage for their employees, the Catholic Church came out of the confessionals and squawked a little. When the  government punted the responsibility to the insurance companies involved, well the Church largely fell silent. Time for a nap, again I suppose. Whimpy, whimpy, whimpy.

When the Supreme Court issued a stunning verdict in support of ObamaCare, how many American Christians lined the streets to protest that? Exactly.

God gave us the "inalienable" right to life.  American Christians are "alienating" that right to the government. They are letting unelected, unknown people in Washington declare how their health is to be dealt with. For some reason, they feel comfortable letting someone else other than God, have that much control over their lives.

So, will Christians stand up in support of life when healthcare is rationed and we have to wait in line for simple tests and medical treatments? They, like the rest of our cowardly country will do nothing. If Christians can’t stand against wrong-doing when it is easy to do so now, then they will never resist when it will be difficult later.

Perhaps Christians will rise again when the Government declares Chick-Fil-A’s food to be unhealthy and ban it from public consumption? By then it will be too late, chickens.

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newtisapigGingrich the Grinch barely got out of his pig pen of ideas before revealing arrogant and elitist stripes. As a vocal defender of Freedom and Religion for many years, the GIMP portrayed a perfect facade of surface Conservatism. But, after vocalizing support for the ObamaCare  mandate this weekend, we can clearly see that he is actually not supportive of Freedom or Liberty.

Instead, he must truly believe that our rights are first granted by the State. How else could he support a Federal Government requirement that each citizen enter into an involuntary contract?

Like the lead sow on the Animal Farm, his Presidential bid is a smoke screen for an empirical nature that only our current President could admire. Gingrich is nothing more than a Republican Obama talking out of both sides of his contorted intellectual mouth.

This fake must be put at the front of the line for political slaughter, thrown to the wolves – and quickly. This big pig cannot be allowed to pull a McCain maneuver, acting like a Conservative and a moderate at the same time. What the Grinch will do is discourage the Republican base by trumpeting moderate views. Like McCain, the press will carry this dissonance very loudly and attempt to drown out the voices of true Conservative candidates.

Unfortunately, it also demonstrates how personal behavior can be a determinant of professional efforts. Gingrich just started to flirt with voters and already he is having an intellectual affair with everyone else. Guess its true you can’t put lipstick on a pig.

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Maybe Bill Maher is right.  Maybe Americans are plain stupid.  After all, they bypass common sense when it comes to modifying their lives for a climate scam.  They fart less, stick their tongues out at cows, eat more veggies and drive a Toyota Prius to work. 

Ironically, having a Prius sets the Law of Darwinism on steroids.  Only those less inclined to survive would ride in a rolling sardine-can shelter made by a company famous for having unstoppable cars.

The people who do buy into the global warming hoax are the same people that would sue their doctor for any hint of error.  Never mind that doing something like a diet change for the good of the planet is congruent to a diet change for health reasons.  Why do so many Americans listen to the weatherman after they forecast inaccurately on a daily basis?  They would not tolerate such an inaccuracy from their MD’s. 

For instance, the hurricane season of 2010 was going to be very bad according to the weather psychics.  Well now it seems that they were wrong.  Today it was revealed that miscalculations by scientists of over 300% were used in making diesel fuel pollution legislation in California.  How can errors like this happen in world of computers and calculators?  Because, it is intentional deceit – government deceit and malevolence. 

NASA has even contributed to the climate farce.  Those scientists have been so busy and creative in making bogus calculations that they are incapable of making correct ones.  NASA sent people to the moon faster forty years ago using slide rules than what they could today. 

Luckily for many of you, medicine has advanced the quality of life for Americans so much that most expect great results from care – no matter what.  Are you one of those same people who do not hold climate scientists to the same kind of standard when it involves your livelihood and quality of life? 

For more education about the subject of the climate scam, read this flyer, “Five Truths of Global Warming.”

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1205956_cards_dollar_signs.jpgIllegal immigrants should be proud. Citizens of Vegas are pulling a Houdini and getting the heck out of town. The reason is obvious. To play, you have to pay. People have less disposable income as more jobs are lost and the economy continues to implode. Folks are not spending their money in Vegas. According to the news reports, the financial evacuation of Vegas would be higher were it not for people unable to sell their properties. Vegas has suffered greatly from an upside down real estate market, too.

While people make up their own minds about vacations, the President’s bad talk about Vegas in the past does not inspire confidence. Confident Americans spend money when they know they can recover or re-earn the money they have spent. If Americans think their earning potential is lowered, they will save and not spend.

Don’t count on Generation X Americans being comfortable in spending greatly. They saw the implosion of 2008 shrink their 401K security blanket. Gen X will have to save considerably more as the dollar contracts in value. Baby boomers will hold on to their pennies, too. They have healthcare on the brain and know that if ObamaCare survives, medical tourism will be the only way to keep them alive. Generation Y didn’t have a pot-to-pee in anyway, so they don’t matter. Generation Y will become Generation whY? as they see what little they earn gobbled by ObamaCare taxes and suppressed wages from a stagnant economy. No one wants to spend anymore.

Only our government acts as if it has any money. After all, only the government can print money. The government is increasing our national debt to the point that within five years, we will be paying more on interest payments for debt without paying principle. No family could survive on a budget formula like that and would more than likely end up filing bankruptcy. If this is true, then why is our country not bankrupt? It is. Debt is not wealth, it is bondage. America is in bondage.

The only thing keeping things afloat is the illusion that the American dollar is like gold and has intrinsic value. The game played is as more money is printed, more money is in play. That sounds alto like a game of Monopoly where the actual value of money is subject to the rules of the game. Sounds like a game that people in Vegas would play, doesn’t it? Washington and Vegas are both gambling towns. Obviously there is only room enough for one gambling addict at the table.

It seems the only way that Vegas can survive is if Washington can convince enough Americans that their Monopoly money (US Dollar) is worth the game.

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This chart outlining ObamaCare really hurts the eyes. What are people like us to do with such a thing? After all, we are obviously not as brilliant as those who gave us this work of art.


Let me break it down for you.

You get your annual checkup. Suddenly, the doctor creeps toward you with a large syringe and declares: “You will find out what is in this injection after it is given to you.”

Who in their right mind is going to allow that sort of thing to happen to them? Most of us would scream in protest declaring we have rights against such maltreatment.

So, why are we going to put up with the same thing from government?

“…we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi had the syringe in your face and you let her inject it without a fight. You even asked for it without even knowing what was in that needle.

For you Obama voters out there, what happened to your declaration of rights? What made you just lay down and submit to people who simply FORCE their will upon you? When did you start allowing your doctor to do anything they want to you? What made you surrender your trust, your healthcare, and your life to people in Washington?

I don’t think you have surrendered, people. It is totally against everything you have fought for. It makes no sense to fight for rights to healthcare and then surrender those same rights to someone else.

Like the rest of us against ObamaCare, you know this healthcare plan is a form of slavery. Help us reverse this invasion of our civil rights. Lets do this before we really find out what is in that syringe.


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