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Obama’s Street Beggar Gets A Taste Of Socialism

On his knees and grasping his hands begging for something, an seemingly homeless man in Chicago got a taste of Socialism from Obama.  This happened in Chicagoland’s Hyde Park as President Barack Obama’s motorcade left a restaurant to get a takeout breakfast during campaign stops.    The motorcade just kept driving by the man.  I am read more …


Burr-Bizzell Rally Should Have Been The Renee Ellmers Rally

The Burr-Bizzell Rally on October 22nd in Smithfield, NC was huge!   Held at the Central Marketing Tobacco Warehouse, candidates were greeting people among plates of some good ole North Carolina Barbeque.  The crowd was so large that people were shuttled back and forth to the warehouse from an open field on Wal-Pat road.  Lots of read more …