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Newt Gingrich Is A Barnyard Bully

Gingrich the Grinch barely got out of his pig pen of ideas before revealing arrogant and elitist stripes. As a vocal defender of Freedom and Religion for many years, the GIMP portrayed a perfect facade of surface Conservatism. But, after vocalizing support for the ObamaCare  mandate this weekend, we can clearly see that he is read more …


Southwest Airlines Wimps-Out About Full-Body Scanners

After refusing a full-body scan in Terminal 1 (Southwest Airlines) at Raleigh-Durham Airport, I was subjected to a full-body pat-down.  Of course, I logged a complaint with Southwest about the new scanners and the whole Grade-A pat-down inspection.  Don’t expect much support from airlines in complaining about the TSA.  Southwest responded by basically saying that read more …


Obama’s October Surprise: A Nightmare Of A Dream For Illegals

Keeping a consistently wrong stance on matters people don’t want – at the wrong time is Obama’s strong suit. He is pushing to get some sort of illegal immigration policy through the lame duck session of Congress before the November elections take out the trash. One of the ideas is legislation called the DREAM act read more …