Madea Is A Communist

That gun-waving, kid-smacking, cigarette smoking old woman we know as Madea has uncovered her worst side. Mabel Simmons is a communist. Today she hosted a large fundraiser for our Communist-In-Chief, Obama down in the little town of Atlanta. Reports say that she did wave a gun at the donors until they paid the entry-fee in cash. Madea’s brother, Otis was seen smoking out of a bong with Occupy protesters. The Occupy Wall-Street occupiers did not stay long because Mad Mabel saw one of them defecating in her back yard. No tent survived the bullet parade issued from Madea’s gun.

It is surprising to see Madea involved in politics, especially politics involving the demonization of rich-people. Madea earned every one of them millions of dollars through hard-work and entreneurship. Madea paid her fair share through many years of sweat and tears. She is a self-made man.

Usually, self-made capitalists do not usually associate and encourage the work of anti-capitalist politicians. Capitalists such as Madea know first hand what it takes to get out of a bad situation and move up a ladder of success that few ever achieve. Madea also holds a strong property value-system declaring “my house”, “my gun”, “my” (this and that) all through her movies. Madea knows her rights – yet, encourages the works of a President that openly and boldly states that the rich should pay a “fair share?”  We have a term for people who think they can dictate or are entitled to a “fair share” of someone else’s money — a thief. Deep down inside Miss Simmons must believe that the money she has earned from hard work and success belongs to some other person.

Actually, that other person is Tyler Perry. Lordt have mercy, she is a communist.

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