Don’t Rush Any Pro-flowers Abstain Instead

ProFlowers pulled all advertising from the Rush Limbaugh Show because he called an unmarried woman, who admitted she has so much intercourse that she couldn’t pay for the condoms. But, they continue to advertise on the liberal Bill Press Show. Bill has called conservatives all kinds of nasty names on his show. For example Bill recently said this about conservatives:

“Just once….I would like to hear somebody say, ‘The voters have spoken, the bastards.’ Or, ‘The voters have spoken. What a bunch of idiots.’ ‘The voters have spoken. God, they’re dumb. Dumb as hell.’”

Bill Press refers to conservatives as dumb bastards, yet that’s perfectly acceptable to ProFlowers ultra liberal double standard. You didn’t hear ProFlowers come out against Bill Press’s remark, did you? That’s because they didn’t. They didn’t even ‘threaten’ to pull their advertisements from Bills show.

The management at ProFlowers must agree with Mr. Press, (that we are dumb bastards), or they would have said something about his remarks. A conservative can not call an immoral person a slut, but a liberal can call a conservative person anything they want to – according to ProFlowers.

In the future, please remember that ProFlowers thinks we are a bunch of dumb bastards, we’re “dumb as hell”, according to their view. I will not buy another thing from ProFlowers, and I hope all of my friends will do the same.


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