The Emancipation Proclamation of 2012

The Presidential election of 2012 is fast becoming a nightmare for Barack Obama and the establishment black community. Racism is a weapon that will not be effective in fighting Hermain Cain, the Republican Presidential Candidate that happens to be black. If Cain and Obama stood on the same stage in a debate, the racism-game would be over. This would happen for several reasons:

  1. From a skin-color perspective, the contrast could not be more powerful.

The most Conservative, strong, positive and bold black man would stand before millions of Black Americans–many shades darker than Obama. Did I mention that Cain has a Black momma and daddy?

The most whiny, weak, angry and negative black man would stand before millions of Black Americans–many shades lighter than Cain. Did I mention that Obama has a WHITE momma and a black daddy from Africa?

From a color shade perspective, Obama looks “white” compared to Cain. So, for the voter who selects the candidate based on skin color, Cain is the man for them. Cain is clearly the “blackest” man in the race.

  1. Cain’s wise and sassy attitude will remind blacks of their grandmothers and grandfathers who don’t pull punches. That is the Madea-effect. Cain will be so close to someone they know at home, they might fear a butt-whoopin if they vote for Obama. Cain’s presecse alone demands respect.

  2. Herman Cain is brave enough to tell Blacks to stop being brainwashed and get off the Democrat plantation. Cain is making it clear that a vote for him is a Emancipation Proclamation of 2012. A vote for him is real freedom from the slavery of Democrat government pacification.

Thats going to make alot of them mad. At least it will make them mad at first. But, if the plantation mentality still infects American Blacks then even slaves know that they are in trouble when their mas’er don’t have no money. According to that mentality, if the rich white man is poor then they will most certainly be even poorer. Cain ain’t going to let the white man get no poorer. Obama gonna take mas’er down.

  1. The final blow to Obama will be the white vote. Those whites who voted for Obama due to a sense of “white guilt” will have a chance to redeem their error in 2008. For the past three years Democrat spokesmen and Obama operatives have used the race card to a numbing effect. Opposing Obama policies does not equal racism. Many guilty whites have quietly groaned at this assertion as their guilt transformed to anger. Never call a non-racial “white-guilt” white person a racist. There is no bigger insult to the politically correct white person than to be called a racist. Obama and his operatives have been doing that for the last three years. Don’t count on the “white-guilt” vote this time around, sucka.

Overall, lets hope that the race card is nullified so we can vote for the best man based on his character rather than the color of his skin. Unfortunately, that kind of reality may stay a dream, just as it did for Martin-Luther King.

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