Liberal Media Learns Palin-tology

Sticking to her reputation as a maverick, Sarah Palin embarked on a whirlwind bus tour this Memorial Day weekend. Stopping at different historical sites along the East coast, she made stump speeches that honored our nation’s fallen.

President Obama paid homage to the dead heroes by playing golf. It was not a good game since the Memorial Day cannons booming in the distance dismantled his concentration. That is justice. Sarah201203

Obama’s Blackberry must have been ringing with cries from his beloved state media, too. They whined about about Palin’s “catch me if you can” bus tour. Palin wasn’t playing by the Washington rules by being a sitting target for their partisan attacks. What were the drones for and can they be used in the US, they asked? No they could not use satellites to track that gang of tea bagger’s, either.

The press was left with little much more than Paparazzi techniques as Palin played cat-and-mouse with them. But, the media does not do that well since they like to setup, stage and manufacture the news.  If someone gets hurt making the news, well – that is Palin’s fault, too.  She is expected to comply with their standards and demands. That sounds a lot like a tyrannical government to me. Sarah ain’t going to play that game anymore. She is calling the shots and constructing her own life. Palin is a leader, not a follower.

The media has learned the first lesson of Palin-tology – Palin is the one in control, always. Attempts to turn tables on her will be futile. What else does the media expect when they play games with a pit-bull? Go Sarah!

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