The World Will End Yesterday

doomsday code 2011 rapture Robert Fitzpatrick If you are reading this then today is yesterday and tomorrow is ancient history. That kind of logic makes sense to a church out there  warning us that the world will end today. Sorry, this is my day off from world calamity.

Normally, this kind of babble doesn’t get too much headway in the elitist minds of the liberal media. But, progressives are loving this kind of stuff lately. It makes the religion of global-warming seem tame compared to this church’s level of supposed extremism. They also hope people will be distracted with this pandemonium instead of cursing Obama’s name at the gas pumps.

The media makes every effort to cast this group of religious folks as “evangelicals.” In the Progressive dictionary of Double-Speak that means Christians. This exercise of “religion-ism” also places those who actually believe in a “rapture of the Saints” in the same padded-room as this church group. Now the narrative will be that a belief in the “rapture” is kooky. Wouldn’t it also be great if those same “rapture” believing weeble-wabbles were brewers in the Conservative Tea-Party? Expect it.

Whether or not Christians are raptured on May 22, 2011 is really missing the point. First, if it wasn’t for Freedom of Speech in America, these people would not be able to advertise their beliefs. The concept of Religious Freedom is on full display, too. People across the world were probably more in tune with their faith this week. Many also reflected on their final destination or the value of life. If this commotion made an improvement in someone’s life lately then it was surely well worth it.

After all, the alternative is a world with a religion of the state. Progressives want the government to be the desire of our hearts and our savior. Government is God for liberals. But, God warned us to “have no other Gods before me.” So, it may be wise for Progressives to rethink that position just in case. Otherwise, see you yesterday.

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