Is A College Degree A Big Lie?

This is the time of year for high school graduations around the country. The same gospel is being preached everywhere–without college you are a loser. Teachers and administrators alike preach that true worth is obainted by ascending unto the hill of university. Worse yet, they indoctrinate youth into thinking that any other path post graduation will lead to poverty and suffering. For the education industry, the only way to make good money is through their pearly gates.

Tell that to the economics graduate who was driving me around in a taxi-a second job to pay his college debt. He knows all about economics-but lacks the ability to translate that knowledge into a skill that someone will pay him to perform. Hence  education is not a spectator sport. The bench does not pay well.

Spread the word about this great video about how the education industry has warped our society into a cycle of dependancy and passive-socialism.

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