Newt Gingrich Is A Barnyard Bully

newtisapigGingrich the Grinch barely got out of his pig pen of ideas before revealing arrogant and elitist stripes. As a vocal defender of Freedom and Religion for many years, the GIMP portrayed a perfect facade of surface Conservatism. But, after vocalizing support for the ObamaCare  mandate this weekend, we can clearly see that he is actually not supportive of Freedom or Liberty.

Instead, he must truly believe that our rights are first granted by the State. How else could he support a Federal Government requirement that each citizen enter into an involuntary contract?

Like the lead sow on the Animal Farm, his Presidential bid is a smoke screen for an empirical nature that only our current President could admire. Gingrich is nothing more than a Republican Obama talking out of both sides of his contorted intellectual mouth.

This fake must be put at the front of the line for political slaughter, thrown to the wolves – and quickly. This big pig cannot be allowed to pull a McCain maneuver, acting like a Conservative and a moderate at the same time. What the Grinch will do is discourage the Republican base by trumpeting moderate views. Like McCain, the press will carry this dissonance very loudly and attempt to drown out the voices of true Conservative candidates.

Unfortunately, it also demonstrates how personal behavior can be a determinant of professional efforts. Gingrich just started to flirt with voters and already he is having an intellectual affair with everyone else. Guess its true you can’t put lipstick on a pig.

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