Who Are The Alligators In The Moat Mr President?

With Osama Bin Laden’s blood freshly cleaned off his hands, President Obama must still be in a killing mood. He must think everyone else in the government is blood-thirsty, too. Why else would he imply that Republicans would kill Mexicans crossing the border with alligators in a moat? Here is the exact quote:

"Maybe they’ll need a moat," Obama said. "Maybe they’ll want alligators in the moat."

In this new era of civility, it is quite interesting to play the word game of musical meanings within the parables of Democrats. In this case, Obama is basically saying to Mexicans that Democrats are a friend because Republicans are building a moat to keep them out. In the moat there will be plenty of alligators waiting to assist their efforts to be free–courtesy of the Republicans (and probably the Tea Party, too). 

It is very Hitler-like for President Obama to imply that one race of Americans would like to kill another race of people who are in the country. This speech is akin to anti-Jewish talk spouted by Hitler before WWII. However, this assertion is completely non-sense.  Consider this quote by another German:

“Isn’t it obvious that a person would leave from where he is hated so much? The heroism of staying in such a place is that of a roach which won’t be exterminated from the bathroom.” –Franz Kafka, German author.

If Mexican illegal immigrants were hated so much by most Americans right now, why are they not leaving the country in droves? Why are there still smiling Mexicans speaking Spanglish in every drive-through window in America? Why are they still trying to get across the border if the climate is so bad for them here in the US? Illegals are still crossing the border because they are treated better in the US than in their own native land.

Obama Gator - Obama claims Republicans want Mexicans killedTherefore, Obama’s speech today was totally equivalent to the rhetoric of Hitler chastising the Jewish people. Obama was sowing hatred against Americans. Obama wants to spark racial tension for political gain. But, unfortunately playing the race card will not help him in a 2012 push toward the finish line.  

America is a great country because money and a better quality of life can be made here very easily. It does not take an interpreter to understand that when jobs and quality of life continue to erode it is the fault of those in charge. Racism works only on a full stomach, stupid.

Anyone trying to cross the Republican moat will see that the alligators below are the Democrats. They are waiting to consume anyone who can be a victim of job-killing taxes, high gas prices and government policies. Republicans may have built the moat, but they at least have a bridge that can be lowered and crossed when threats from invaders are gone.


"My fame, if Providence preserves my life, will consist in works of peace, which I still intend to create." –Adolph Hitler, 1942.

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