Happy Osama Obama Day

Communists, socialists, anarchists and unionists should be ready to burn or boycott something. President Obama has stolen their thunder by killing Osama Bin Laden on May 1st, 2011. Forget their agendas – here forever after, May Day will be called Osama-Obama Day.
image If you had to re-read that last line a few times to process it – welcome to the club. The media stumbled all over themselves yesterday in an effort to not use Obama’s name in the place of Osama. Early Monday am, reporters were bumbling like a stutterer at gunpoint interchanging "Obama" for "Osama" and visa versa. Obviously, George Soros grew tired of this. By the afternoon, the press began to exclusively refer to Osama Bin Laden as "Bin Laden" and keep the President’s surname intact. Good thing they did not decide to use Barry and Bin Laden to reference the anointed ones. Even worse is the President’s middle name, Hussein. Conversations about the demise of Saddam Hussein can quickly disintegrate into confusion. Which Hussein?
We can’t have our President’s name being confused with a terrorist, after all. During HW Bush’s tenure as President, the press used the words terrorist and Bush interchangeably all the time. Anyone else out there think its odd how the two most wanted terrorists in the last several years (Osama, Hussein), have names very similar to our President?
This is a simple reminder that terrorism is not just practiced by bad guys from foreign lands. Terrorism is an everyday practice of the US Government against its citizens. Our privacy is null and void when traveling courtesy of the TSA. We are monitored by cameras everywhere we go. Our monetary activity, healthcare records, internet activity, emails and phone calls are monitored at a level we are not aware of. We are all, reduced down to an algorithm-a pattern of behavior that makes our every action suspect. The average American citizen is now considered guilty rather than innocent since there are enough laws to make innocent and accidental actions a criminal act.
In this regard, America’s celebration of Osama’s death as a victory is pure delusion. Americans think that we have won another battle against terrorism. But, the reality is that Osama is continuing to terrorize us. Osama watched as Americans gleefully surrendered freedoms and allowed the role of terrorist to be put in the hands of government. Born out of fear, Osama has enticed us to craft a Neuse of dependence on government. We willingly tied that knot through our embrace of safety over freedom. The breath of freedom is slowly being asphyxiated from our American souls.
May the flame of liberty be ignited in the generation that places our fearful and uninjured bodies in the ground. May they understand that the war against terror only ended when every American coward became a word in this shameful chapter of American history.

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