Will The Real Obama Birth Certificate Please Show Up

obamabirthcert Obama scolded Americans today for focusing like a laser on his birth certificate. We were told he had other things to do besides provide real legal proof of American Citizenship. But, lots of reasonable people began to wonder why the certificate was not public. Early on, the “birthers” we labeled as a conspiracy-laden fringe by the media and Washington Beltway Republicans. Recently, the clarion call for Obama’s disclosure by Donald Trump ignited a new level of skepticism among the American public. Why was he spending tons of money to prevent its release? Why have Hawaiian officials been so evasive about the release? Most of all, why was Obama not releasing the dern certificate?

Common sense would lead a reasonable person to believe that the certificate was being deferred for a reason. After all, we all have to reveal our birth certificates for a passport, driver’s licenses, ect.? It seemed rather idiotic for Obama to withhold this document–especially with nothing to hide.

Instead of being apologetic for dragging this media affair along for years, Obama insulted Americans for daring to ask questions. King Obama, Elitist-in-Chief thought our demands were akin to barking dogs in the night – just a pain in his royal behind.birth4

The birth certificate looks too perfect to be real. Even my own certificate from the 1970’s is not that pretty and colorful. In fact, mine is reverse black and white – white lettering on a black paper. That arrangement is hard to fabricate. In contrast, the lettering and mixture of typewriting fonts on Obama’s certificate make it look like an exercise in cutting and pasting.

I have done lots of genealogy work and I tell you the birth certificate seems like a fraud simply because it is too clean. Hopefully someone will do a typewriter font analysis and historical accuracy check for the released document.

Compare the Hawaiian certificate to alleged copies of a Kenyan birth certificate posted on the internet. To me, the Kenyan certificate appears more realistic because it is not perfect. Photoshop and GIMP photo editing software make images perfect. Real photos do not need editing software and make very believable imperfect images.

The fun has just begun, folks. This document controversy is not going away because when elitist snobs are critical and resentful of poignant questions – then there must be something going on behind the curtain.

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