Gas Prices Are Too Damn High For 2012

Its a good thing Obama is so good at doing absolutely nothing to solve problems. His inaction about gas prices will give Republicans a free ticket into the White House. A cloud of mediocrity encamps about his Presidency. Like high unemployment we can expect high costs for the amount of cash leaving our pockets to buy gasoline.

Its one thing to raise taxes on the rich, but its another to look away while the common people suffer. Higher gas prices do not effect just a select few like targeted tax increases. Every American feels the pain at the pump. From sea to shining sea people living on food stamps to business people conducting travel have to fill their tanks to get places. That cost comes directly out of the purses of those who can least afford it. Such is the lie of socialism – it makes everyone miserable.

Contrary to liberal ideology, even the economically subsidized (Obama voter) in America do not want socialism. Because they do not work, they have loads of free time to consume resources such as food, alcohol, smokes, TV, the internet, cell phones, games, sex, gambling and cruising. Higher gas prices take away the buying power of the Obama voter in a major way. Unlike our government, the poor can not go into gobs of debt to keep a lifestyle afloat since cash is king. These pleasure-people will revolt when their quality of subsidized life goes down.

Deep down, the poor are scared to death to see the successful fail and suffer. They know that they receive the left-over table scraps of the producers in this nation. Even though they may openly resent it, the rich keep them afloat. Again, cash is king. The Obama voter will see the destruction around and fear their own existence. While openly supporting a socialist, when entering the voting both they will vote for security. Security comes from robbing the rich and productive in our country. If the rich are poor, then who shall care for those most in greed? A new President in 2012 will do just that.

"Only where every powerful group needs freedom for itself in order to compete with others can society as a whole be free. Freedom is the name of the arena in which various social forces contend."Max Eastman, Reflections on the failure of Socialism.

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