Bob Etheridge Is Now Carolina Pimp Daddy Cash

crybabyetheridge North Carolina Governor Beverly Purdue has obviously gotten sick and tired of Baby Bobby Etheridge crying on her shoulder since he lost reelection last year. In a rush of compassion, she has appointed him North Carolina’s Pimp Daddy Cash. As director of the state Office Of  Economic Recovery and Investment, Etheridge will pass out political favors in the form of federal stimulus money to stimulate our North Carolina economy.

The job should be very easy for Etheridge. He plans to approach North Carolina Democratic political hacks screaming “Who Are You?”  If they respond in a flattering manner, he writes them a check. Mission accomplished.

Nothing makes more sense than to a Democrat than to pay a 71 year-old 98K annually to “manage North Carolina Recovery funds responsibly” and “create jobs.”  Translated into sensible talk, that means Etheridge will be the trap door for sponsorship of more government programs. As a matter of circumstance, this job will end in 2012 – just in time for him to engage in his re-election campaign in 2012.

Expect the profiteers of the Etheridge Exchange to staff the army fighting to get his 2nd Congressional District seat back. That’s fine, Bobby. The voters already know who you are. It’s time to retire old man.

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