S.E. Cupp Need Not Play Second Fiddle To Glenn Beck

secupp Those unable to overdose on Glen Beck’s Prozac-pouting paranoia can add another stimulant to the apothecary of their Insider Extreme subscriptions this week: SE Cupp. The red-blooded and red-haired conservative commentator and author is starring in a hour-long broadcast that will kick around pistons, politics and pole-fishing in one big brew-ha-ha. I have a feeling that this show is geared toward those who like to see smart and sexy conservative women pick fights.  You know, people like me. We all know that female conservative pundits are the best and most beautiful on TV. If your not convinced, get the calendar to see if that lights your liberty flame on a daily basis.

My first problem is this: it costs money to see this program. Why would I subscribe to Glenn Beck’s extreme membership just to see SE Cupp? She is everything a red-blooded American boy could want; but, I ain’t going through pimp-daddy Beck to see her. I’m actually surprised that they didn’t name the show, “Sex-E Cupp” to stimulate membership.

Second of all, Cupp has no need to be a second-tier host. She has done enough commentary on Hannity and Red-Eye to show that she can handle a show of her own. Her effort would be as popular as Huckabee on Fox News. Young intelligent women relate well to young intelligent women on TV and so do men of all shades, for that matter. Her intellectual and classy demeanor would earn her a more mature audience, too.  Overall, SE would be a roaring success on Fox News and needs her own show.

I would love to see her verbally smack Arianna Huffington so hard with her book “Losing Our Religion” that it leaves an imprint of Ronald Reagan on the cheek. It will not happen, but I could see that happening. That’s what gorgeous red-blooded, red-headed smart chicks do–they act like they were raised on ‘gator. Who wouldn’t want to see that?

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