What The Tea Party Can Learn From Egypt and Tunisia

8-5x11_signs-thum-blue Trouble is brewing in the middle east.  And its not looking so good for the kings, princes and other ruling classes.  From an elitist perch in castles nestled safely above the people, they can smell the smoke billowing from the flame of liberty.  Their goose is cooked whether they know it or not.  The uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia will bring change and revolution.  There is no doubt of this when the protestors have the most powerful weapon at its disposal – internet social networking.  The Tea Party would be wise to take some notes.

As Gary North dutifully points out, use of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have enabled the protestors to organize and deploy on the fly.  This force is almost impossible to stoke because governments are not limber enough to get in the way.  Never before have the people been able to out flank their government on the streets.  Instant imagery and live video feeds bring the fight to everyone around the globe.  We all become involved, connected and sit at the table of conflict.

In all the ruckus, there is a valuable lesson for the Tea Party in America.  The internet is the key to unlock revolution in America.  Facebook, Twitter, texting, YouTube, ect. are not just essential tools in winning the hearts of Americans – they are some of the tools to use.  In fact, the Tea Party should become a digital social network itself, moving beyond websites and message boards.  The entire enterprise should be a conversation that is innovative, engaging and inclusive at the same time.

The spirit of Freedom and Liberty ignites easily when tyranny is exposed.  Dormant Patriots will emerge if they become spokesmen in the giant voice calling for a reboot of Washington, DC.

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