This Moment Is Up To Us To Choose

USA Today had the flatulent Obama phrase “…this moment is up to us…” on the front page today.  He is correct.  America needs to make the choice between government control of our lives or embracing our God-given freedoms as Americans.  The 2011 State of the Union address was another reminder of why we need to continue our efforts to take Washington back from the Statists that litter the halls.  Obama decried the deficit that he exacerbated, rebranded his proposals and talked in circles about corporate taxes.  The lackluster applause he received is an accurate reflection of what people on main-street thought – it was a bunch of double-speak.

The most prominent example of Obama’s double-speak was the use of the word invest in lieu of using the real word he meant – spending.  Parents that take out college loans to invest in their children’s education still have to borrow the money and repay it back.  Obama was simply trying to make us all think that money we invest or spend is not really borrowing since we will reap the reward.  But, just like college loans, the promised investment doesn’t always come through – especially when government is involved.  How many people in America with tons of college debt are underemployed? 

Obama’s tone was again condescending to us all.  He preached more government doing more to fix problems in our country.  What he should have proposed to ending the evolving government intrusion into our daily lives.  But, statists think that government is the solution to everything.  Overwhelmingly, Americans do not agree with that position – expressed by the Republican surge last November.

Ultimately, double-speak is the only thing he really could have uttered.  How else could he have first convinced himself of what he was saying?  The speech was his sputnik moment, straight up into space.

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