The Source Of Tyranny In The TSA

2010-11-23-humor-toon2 Tyranny reared its ugly head last month at the hands of the TSA. In what seemed to defy common sense, TSA employees began a policy of intense groping and squeezing to make sure no one was packing heat in their briefs.  Long before the physical molestation began, the TSA was trying to convince the public to surrender all to the unveiling full-body scanners.  More recently, the flyer who refused to strip for their trip was subjected to a physical search equivalent only to rape.

TSA employees are now officers in a Sovereign Transgression of America.  Our rights to privacy and unwarranted search and seizure are void.  All of us must be inspected inside and out in order to be saved from ourselves and the threat of terror.  This is bad, too – but, not the worst part of this whole situation.

The worst part is that thousands of government employees dressed up in JROTC uniforms think they have the right to see nude bodies and/or touch the private areas of law-abiding citizens.  As a professional in the medical field, I know that people have the right to privacy and to refuse treatment even if that decision may ultimately hurt the person.  I know that people own their own body.  I know there are boundaries for touching people due to the 4th Amendment of our US Constitution.  Most of all, I have a conscious and would not dare treat innocent people in such a manner like the TSA.  When the TSA was created after 9/11, the mantra was “…to federalize is to professionalize…”  These TSA drones are not professionals because professionals know better.

When I saw other people given the pat-down in airports last month, I wondered what kind of scum could do this sort of thing to people?  I also wondered why the TSA employees did not rise up and object to performing the new policies?   What level of education do people have when they think that buying a ticket to fly voids our rights to privacy?  Who the heck are these people?

The State-run media has tried to answer some of those questions.  In a whiny sales-pitch story about TSA employees last week, flyers were painted as hostile to the innocents trying to keep us safe.  On the other hand, the TSA are victims of the traveling public’s aggression.  After all, they are only trying to keep us little people safe.  We should be thankful that strangers see us naked or feel our body all in the name of safety.  This line of thinking is relative to a 14 year-old girl expected to be thankful for being raped.

Few reports have surfaced where TSA drones actually claim to object to the new security measures.  While there may be some who do actually think they are doing wrong, they are unwilling to speak up and object for fear of losing their Federal job and benefits.  The salary range for TSA may be low, but the retirement and health benefits make up for it in the long haul.  They know that once they are tired of working, the Federal Government will keep them comfortable for many years to come.

So, my conclusion is that TSA employees are the kind of people you do not want to meet in a back alley somewhere.  They are gutless, selfish, character-void people with no regard for others.  If they were not these things, then they would have risen up in objection before the public was subjected to this behavior.

TSA employees claim, ‘We’re not perverts’  They are right, they are worse.  They are unprofessional opportunistic rapists.

Heaven forgive me if I can not root out those passions which it has implanted in my bosom, and detest submission to a people who have either ceased to be human, or have not virtue enough to feel their own wretchedness and servitude! – Sam Adams

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