WikiLeaks Are WikiSqueaks To Destroy Hillary Clinton

thinkaccidentsavoidable There is a mouse in the White House and no one wants to find it.  Much like an episode of "Tom and Jerry" our government is chasing that varmint at its own peril.  Someone in that house keeps leaving cheese out for the mouse to find.  The world watches while the cat chases the mouse.  Meanwhile, the State-run media is not firmly asking "who" did this and for what reason?  As more details emerge about the Wikileaks content, the answers appear obvious.  It seems that for Democrats, the 2008 Primaries are not over.

Today the Whitehouse continues to put its best contorted face for the public.  But, they and others in the Press are more fixated on planetary "damage control" and pacification of our allies than figuring out the "who" and "why."  Why should they?  It would seem logical that this depth of information could not have been passed along without being cleared by the Executive Branch.  So, any inquiry into the source of leaked documents points directly back at the President and his minions.  Of note, it is rather entertaining to see the same Press that thinks 9/11 was an inside job by President Bush totally disregard any hints of impropriety by President Obama. 

The Wikileaks information puts the tactics and leadership of Hillary Clinton at question.  Clinton’s intrusive and backstabbing methods of dealing with allies and enemies nullifies her effectiveness as Secretary of State.  It also clears Obama of responsibility for the poor level of foreign relations that the US now owns.  Hillary Clinton no longer looks to be on a world leader status, which will keep her from perching to a future post at the UN.  It also creams her ability to be a serious challenge to Obama in 2012.  Obama wants to be the United Nations messiah after his eight years in office.  This Wikileaks exposure keeps him squeaky clean and able to assume the post.

Hillary will soon exit stage left and be another contributor to Obama’s unemployment statistics.  Maybe she can gang up with Dick Morris and write a book about how Obama is wrecking the US.

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