Durham NC Uses Mexican IDs To Enlarge Its Pothole Status

image I encourage the Durham City Council to allow Mexican Illegal Immigrants to identify themselves with Mexican IDs.  I do not live in Durham, NC and would love for more illegals to live in Durham.  Encourage them to move there, please!

In support of the City Council, nothing prevents crime better than being able to identify who is destroying their beautifully dilapidated city.  According to the “growing pothole” theory of crime, efforts to prevent crime and enforce existing law would be illogical.  Instead, easily fabricated ID cards and a friendly rapport with criminals will most certainly enhance it character and quality of life.

But, I do have a few questions for the Durham City Council:

  • –How does the City of Durham plan to validate the accuracy of the Mexican IDs?
  • –What will the City of Durham do when the ID is suspected to be fabricated?
  • –What will you do when the Illegal population becomes so populace that you will be voted out and replaced with Mexican drug lords?

Actually, Durham is already worthless.  This act would just be more of the same for that growing pothole in North Carolina.

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