Notice To Terrorists: San-Francisco Hates You The Most

Hello, terrorists of the world.  If you are looking for a good place to exact some revenge, then San-Francisco may be just the place to do it.  Here are the reasons why:

1. They dress up to mock you.  Those homosexual costumes they wear are really not about being gay.  These flamboyant figures are dressing up to spit in the face of your creator.  Your creator made men and women for a purpose – but, they want to make women into men and men into women.  That must be dealt with.

2. They will not fight back.  San-Francisco is just like you – they hate the US Military.  Not only will they not fight back from an attack, but they will not ask for retaliation when their dead paint the streets.  Not fighting back is akin to being a coward and that must be dealt with.

3. They are traitors to the American way.  Not believing in American greatness or anything American is a betrayal of their homeland.  Traitors must be dealt with.

4. They have banned the McDonald’s Happy Meal.  These tree-hugging plant eaters do not want their children to be given high-calorie and high-fat meals.  But, shouldn’t these people be cooking their own food for the family to eat?  Why are they taking their kids out to eat?  It sounds as if San-Francisco parents are not taking care of their families.  That must be dealt with.

5. San-Francisco is the home of Starfleet Academy.  That must be dealt with.

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