Spill Some Tea Today And Vote Vote Vote


The liberal media is still in denial.  Only the elitists would see a sweep of Republicans into the Congress as a mandate to surrender to Obama.  They are saying that Americans want Republicans to come to Washington to be bi-partisan and work with Obama to get things done.  Nothing is farther from the truth.  The Republican upswing into Congress is more akin to offering the other set of hands in Obama‚Äôs fist-fight against anyone who disagrees with him.

Americans know that when government is moving forward, it is trampling on its citizens in spite of itself.  More Americans see now more than ever that government is like a sin that desires to have us.  We must resist. 

Socialism is tempting, but nothing satisfies the American soul more than the endeavors of free will and enterprise.  Such is the spirit of the Tea Party Revolution.  This is only Day 1.

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