Obama’s Street Beggar Gets A Taste Of Socialism

welcometosocialism On his knees and grasping his hands begging for something, an seemingly homeless man in Chicago got a taste of Socialism from Obama.  This happened in Chicagoland’s Hyde Park as President Barack Obama’s motorcade left a restaurant to get a takeout breakfast during campaign stops.    The motorcade just kept driving by the man.  I am not surprised, since this scene is the end game for the statist.  They want us all like this.

This photo is haunting to most. It shows us a real-life example of where we can end up if our freedoms are taken away.  Our survival could become a level of dependence where begging is a form of worship, sacrifice a form of patriotism and death a shard of honor. 

This man’s only hope right now is to move to New York and pray the “Rent Is Too Damn High Party” wins next week.  Barack Obama may not have heard his stomach growl, but Jimmy McMillian would have.  The rest of us are too busy beating our plowshares into swords.

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