Get Ready To Forfeit Your Money And Freedom

A few short months ago, people were saying, "There’s no way this healthcare bill is going to pass because the majority of Americans oppose it." The alarm was sounded, but the Democrats ignored the American people and pushed Obamacare through anyway.  The Democrats didn’t care what we wanted. Well, the alarm has sounded again. The elaborate "over paid" union pension plans are about out of funds, and the Obama administration has decided to seize all private retirement accounts to bail out the bankrupt union retirement plans.

It’s another government power and wealth grab to separate us from our money and our freedom. It’s a fact that the Obama administration plans to bail out their union buddies at our expense through what Biden is calling "retirement security options." Yep, Obama plans to seize our retirement savings to bail out his union buddies.

Obama calls it "redistribution of wealth", and he intends to stick it to us again under the disguise of a guaranteed retirement plan – like Social Security was suppose to be. However, his real purpose is to seize all private retirement accounts, (including 401K, 403K, retirement savings, and retirement CDs) to bail out his crooked union buddies.

Don’t sit back and say, "it won’t happen." It will happen unless we do something to stop it. They forced Obamacare on us against our will, and they plan to take our retirement money whether we like it or not. The Democrats didn’t care what we wanted when they passed Obamacare. Do you think they changed since then?

If you don’t go out and vote straight Republican by November 2, we will be farther down the road to becoming peasants in another third world country – formerly the greatest country in the world, "America." You can fight this hypocrisy right now with your vote, or you can wait until you have to put your life on the line.

The choice is yours right now. I’m warning you of what is coming if you don’t take action now. Please take the time to go vote a straight Republican ticket or get ready to forfeit your money and your freedom. This election is more important than most people realize. Please forward this to everybody you know.

Charles Wills @ FreedomUSA

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