Renee Ellmers Is Right On Immigration For North Carolina

Renee Ellmers and Bob Etheridge Immigration Compared made this chart showing the differences between North Carolina District 2 Congressional Candidate, Renee Ellmers and the incumbent, Bob Etheridge.

Ellmers reflects the positions of people in the 2nd Congressional District.  She does not support Amnesty. 

In contrast, Etheridge supports:

–Amnesty for illegal immigrants. 

–Not securing our borders

–Not defunding sanctuary cities

–Not limiting legal immigration to help the US economy

–Not ending Visa Lotteries

–Not supporting local police in protecting US citizens from crimes of illegal immigrants gave Etheridge a “C” for his stance on Immigration.  We give Etheridge an “F” instead. 

Renee Ellmers gets an “A” from us for her solid stand in opposition of amnesty for illegal immigration.

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