Burr-Bizzell Rally Should Have Been The Renee Ellmers Rally

The Burr-Bizzell Rally on October 22nd in Smithfield, NC was huge!   Held at the Central Marketing Tobacco Warehouse, candidates were greeting people among plates of some good ole North Carolina Barbeque.  The crowd was so large that people were shuttled back and forth to the warehouse from an open field on Wal-Pat road.  Lots of fine Patriotic people showed up at the rally.  The whole family had a great time.

But, the rally really missed a great opportunity to headline Renee Ellmers who is running against Bob “Who Are You?” Etheridge for the 2nd Congressional district.  Richard Burr and Steve Bizzell have comfortable leads in their respective races.  So, why not make the party about the underdog, Renee Ellmers?   She was the best speaker at the rally!  Most importantly, she needed to send ole Bobby back to whatever farm he crawled out from.  Didn’t Bob Etheridge ever read Animal Farm by George Orwell?

Reported from the Ellmers Campaign today:

There are other signs Congressman Etheridge is panicking as we near Election Day.

This morning, we were listed in the Wall Street Journal as one of five races to watch for upset victories. And, also today, we were listed by Erick Erickson at Redstate.com as one of the top races in the country to watch.

Ellmers may not be the underdog, after all.  Maybe the rally ended up being about her, anyway.

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