Obama Only Likes Foreign Money When It Enslaves Americans

If there was any doubt that the Obama administration was anti-business, then the recent attacks against the US Chamber of Commerce is all the evidence needed.  President Obama has been claiming that the US Chamber of Commerce has been using foreign money to wage war against Democrats. Such an argument is spineless and will backfire for Democrats. 

First, Obama must no longer consider himself a world citizen since he thinks foreign money is bad. How can one claim to be a world citizen and not honor its money?  Only American arrogance such as this, would consider the US Dollar the most superior form of fiat money?  Not only has Obama insulted the intelligence of Americans, but he has alienated the rest of the world by saying their money is not wanted in America.

Obama Chamber of Commerce

But what exactly is considered foreign money? Are the billions and billions of Chinese dollars that we have borrowed considered foreign money? Debt dollars must only be considered non-foreign to Democrats.  Government lives off of foreign debt.  Slavery to foreign money is the worst kind of special interest. 

Only the bravest Americans carve their livelihood out of the industry of business.  These business owners directly benefit from the networking, promotion and business-to-business communications offered through a Chamber of Commerce.  Small business needs a Chamber of Commerce.  America needs the Chamber of Commerce.

This action alone may put more Democrats on vacation in November than expected. No one trying to encourage business and hiring of people would criticize an entity responsible for doing just that. When unemployment keeps teetering at 10% for the longest stretch since the Great Depression, the last thing a smart politician should do is cut an artery of the American enterprise. Only someone dedicated to destroying business and the American way of life would do such a thing.

Obama has taken off the mask and shown himself to be nothing but a dictator wanting government to be everyone’s chamber of commerce.  Democrats will not stop until the Chamber is just another wing of progressive socialism used to control government-sanctioned business.

Tyranny beckons to have us.  Will we surrender?

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