The Hypocrisy of Progressive Values

Obama’s latest clarion call for a liberal voting dash in November has a new theme – progressive values.  This type of doublespeak is about as mentally taxing as that “Hope and Change” thing.  If someone believes in hope and change, then they should certainly believe in progressive values.  The reality is Obama voters will only go out to vote on November 2 if they run out of incense and wacky weed.  They might actually go into the booth if the polling place has a fresh stock of these life preserving necessities.

The remaining sober Obama voters are drowning in their own grasp of reality.  The declaration to carry a torch of progressive values into the polls is akin to walking  into a fire with a bathing suit on.  The words progressive and values can not sensibly be used together.  The word “value” does not deserve the abuse.

The root of the progressive movement is based upon using the power of government to change the ownership of property.  Progressives think the government is the true owner of money and anything purchased with it.  People who oppose taxes are keeping money from government.  Rich people who earn lots of money are keeping funds from the government.  Obama indicated as much by saying that he does not believe rich people should have tax cuts, tartly commenting that he does not deserve a tax break.

Herein lies the hypocrisy of progressive values.  These statists believe the state is the true owner of property, yet they congruently stake a claim to that same property.  In other words, there should not be any rich statists.  All statists should live according to a minimum standard set by the state and give the rest away.

For example, the average median income for Americans is around $50,000 annually (according to the census bureau).  Any statist who makes above that in salary should surrender it to the state.  Are you a millionaire?  Then give all your money away minus $50K.  Rise up, show you believe in the supreme authority of the state.  Give up your half-million dollar house and give away the salary you earn – minus $50k.

Statists will not give up their money.  In fact, the most liberal areas of the country are the richest.  These rich people do not even want poor people (illegals) near their doorstep.  I bet if the government knocked on their doors demanding all they own except $50,000 they would be screaming, “Don’t Tread On Me!” 

These people are living a lie.  They vote like they believe in the eminence of the state, yet hold onto property as if they own it.  Statists can not have it both ways.  Either you believe the state owns property or people own property. 

Therefore, the only true progressive value is: slavery to the state.

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