Renee Ellmers Ground Zero Ad Is A Bomb

Renee Ellmers launched a TV ad campaign today to fight an uphill battle against the Second District North Carolina Congressional Incumbent, Bob Etheridge.   The ad was “controversial” enough to fill a commentary segment of  the Bill O’Reilly show tonight on Fox News.   The spot on the Factor was great free advertising for Ellmers.  However, will it help her win in November?  No.

The only good thing about the ad was it put her name in front of North Carolinians.  In order for Ellmers to get a considerable gain against the Etheridge stronghold in my district, she has to hit a home run.   She needs to highlight Etheridge’s support of the Obama agenda – bottom line.  There is no better political climate for fresh blood to take Etheridge down into the history books.

But, the ad about the Ground Zero mosque totally missed the mark.  Even if it was on the mark, it is a month late.  North Carolinians care about their healthcare and jobs more than they do a mosque at Ground Zero.  Voters needed to be made aware that Ellmers is a conservative nurse who would be a valuable force in any Congressional efforts to reverse the plague of Obamacare.

Ellmers did not answer Bob Etheridge’s famous question, “Who Are You!?”  Voters do not know who she is.  Her ad wasted a perfect opportunity to get a much needed fifteen minutes of fame.

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