Obama’s October Surprise: A Nightmare Of A Dream For Illegals

montezumabus.jpgKeeping a consistently wrong stance on matters people don’t want – at the wrong time is Obama’s strong suit. He is pushing to get some sort of illegal immigration policy through the lame duck session of Congress before the November elections take out the trash. One of the ideas is legislation called the DREAM act which would give illegal youth the ability to gain citizenship.

Obama begged the crowd of illegals and illegal supporters, “Don’t forget who is standing with you.”

This is a last stitch effort to gain the favor of illegals before the 2010 election ends the Democrat majority. This sets Obama up as a supporter of illegals in 2012 when he will push for that population to outvote Conservative voters to keep him in office. But, is this move good for Democrats in the short term or even in the long term? I don’t think so.

With kids in school ranging from elementary school to high school level, I can tell you this will not make a difference to youth. Ask the kids, most of them consider themselves part of the American system, anyway. Yes, imagine that – America is such an inclusive country that illegal children could go to class and feel a part of everything going on around them? The liberals in the education system have already been pandering to their needs. The state has already been feeding them and giving them healthcare for free. Real citizens have to pay. These kids already have an udder to leech on.

Illegal students do not even have to pay out-of-state tuition costs in our great state of North Carolina. But, a citizen born and living in another state (or country) would have to pay full out-of-state tuition. The state is enabling and promoting these kids to be lawbreakers. But, the state marvels that the bribe of paying less for tuition has not brought more illegals into NC colleges. Hey stupid, they want it for FREE! They won’t go unless it is FREE like everything else they have received so far.

For the illegal youth, what benefit would it be to become a citizen after some years of indentured servitude? Absolutely nothing. This foolish act by Obama and the Democrats will make Hispanics angry, too. They all want it all for free.

After all, the illegal children in this country are already experiencing the benefits of Freedom in America. Freedom from responsibility. Class over, kids.

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