Forget The Calculator, Send The Kids To School With RFID Chips

1616057288_fa6c86a991.jpgOf course this is happening in California, first. Preschool kids are going to be tracked via RFID to replace human supervision. Funded by our ever protective government through the money laundering tactic called a federal grant, this RFID chip can detect if a child has eaten. Just how does a location scanner that? Does it also sense if a child is choking or bleeding? Thats like telling the kids, “Ok, if you are in trouble signal someone on the TV screen. Yes, kids Dora will save you from choking.”

California is looking for ways to run its mammoth government with budget shortfalls. Instead of cutting back waste, the state would prefer to endanger our kids by putting location tracking vests on them and letting them romper in romper room. Children have historically needed adult supervision at their young age for a reason – they are taller, more mobile and rather tactful at getting into things. RFID chips will not be a good substitute.

This is another reason why Americans do not trust government anymore. Instead of cutting back when funds are low, the behemoth moves forward foolishly toward its own goals. The end result is people getting hurt worse than if the government had not accepted the responsibility. The wise move would be to not run the preschool if acceptable supervision was not available. Instead, several children may get injured by the neglect of the state.

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