The Tea Party Responds To NRSC

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 14, 2010

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The Tea Party Express issued the following statement in response to preliminary reports that the National Republican Senatorial Committee would not support their own nominee for U.S. Senate in Delaware:

“The National Republican Senatorial Committee has reportedly said they will not support their own nominee for U.S. Senate in Delaware.  This is a rash statement that hopefully they will reconsider once good judgment sets in.

“The NRSC tried to meddle in the vote recount for liberal Republican Lisa Murkowski in Alaska.  Now they say they aren’t committed to supporting their own nominee in Delaware?  When will this insanity stop?

“We encourage the NRSC to take a night off, get some sleep, and reconsider their rash statements.  It is because of inexcusable conduct in Delaware and Alaska that so many conservatives have turned to the Tea Party Express, offering their support and their donations. These people have lost faith in the NRSC as just another big-government, Washington, D.C.-based organization that has contributed to the problems this country currently faces.

“If the NRSC is committed to defeating Democrats in November, then it is time for them to honor their mission statement and do just that.  If they fail to do so, then they can expect millions of conservatives to continue to steer their donations and volunteer hours elsewhere.

“Wake up NRSC, the reason the tea party movement has grown into such a powerful force is because of the failures of establishment organizations such as yours to honor the principles of the Republican Party platform.  You tried to force through the most liberal Republican in Congress on the voters of Delaware and they rejected you.  Wake up, you are defying your own base, and will end up an irrelevant and impotent organization that serves to only amuse the corrupt political establishment in Washington, D.C.

“The Tea Party Express will back Christine O’Donnell in the general election along with every other candidate we’ve endorsed.  We trust adults at the NRSC will come to their senses and realize that the people have spoken, and it’s time for the NRSC to represent the Republicans it is supposed to represent.”

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