The Associated Press Could Learn From Glen Beck

honor20roll20seal20cropped.jpgThe ASSociated Press tried to act newsworthy when it reported on the Glen Beck “Restoring Honor” rally this past weekend.  The most shallow report I read was the AP’s  “Beck Rally Signals Election Trouble for Democrats.”  The poor excuse of an article suggests that this rally was just another Tea Party picnic full of bitter-clingers.

First of all, it wasn’t an official Tea Party event, it was a Glen Beck event.  More than two Conservative Americans gathered together is not a Tea Party.  But, you better believe those liberal snob-lets will know what a Tea Party is in the upcoming few years.

Also skewed was the explanation as to why people were attending the rally. The event was written off as a religious-laden mob frustrated over the economy this summer.   Since when has honor had anything to do with the economy?   The press must be talking about the Obama Administrations manipulation of financial data by saving jobs with stimulus and the healthcare overhaul.  In that case, the AP should be concerned about its own honor.

In contrast, a real news reporter would have mentioned that the rally was to encourage each person to influence change in the US by first making our personal behavior and lives honorable to God and others. In other words, walk the talk before talking the walk.

It was obvious the ASSociated Press didn’t listen to the message. They might have realized that lies of omission and deceit are exactly what Beck discouraged. Yesterday, he led the chorus of Americans already frustrated about the lack of Honorable people in our Government, Colleges, Churches — and the Press.

But, before Americans can peacefully call down the dishonorable among us we must first restore and maintain our own Honorable lives. Anything less would put us on the same level of those we seek to replace.

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