Sarah Palin To Bobby Etheridge, “Who Are You?”

Governor Sarah Palin has endorsed Renee Ellmers, the Republican who will battle Bobby Etheridge for the NC 2nd Congressional District in November. This attaboy from the former Alaska Governor will give the “commonsense conservative agenda” of Ellmers a boost of name-recognition. In-effect, Palin is asking Etheridge, “Who are You?”

As a Registered Nurse, Ellmers has a level of real-world healthcare experience that is needed in Washington. She knows that ObamaCare is not the best solution and is dedicated in repealing it. Being involved in a healthcare business, she also understands the need to have fiscal responsibility. This business knowledge will keep her grounded in fiscal reality instead of pursuing debt and waste of taxpayer funds.

This November, voters will crowd to the polls to answer big Bobby’s “Who are you?” question. We will respond, “Not voting for you, punk.”

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