Obama’s Lesson For Boy Scouts: Government Is Worthless

Good Going, Obama. Any dedicated socialist knows that addressing a group of motivated young people is paramount to the success of a brainwashing campaign.

As Honorary President of the Boy Scouts Of America, Obama had a grand opportunity to convince a whole generation of attentive boys that he was in fact a good President.
Instead, Obama chose to address the Boy Scouts of America 100th Anniversary Jamboree via a stale recording. This is just the thing you would expect a negligent father to do, not a President.


Truly, the impact of his presence could have made quite an impression on these kids. Instead, a whole generation of Boy Scouts received a hard and very good lesson. Government is worthless and ain’t your daddy.

Yes, the boys all know he skipped out on them to attend fundraisers and be on a foolish daytime talk show. Kids are connected nowadays and probably knew about the news before the adult leaders were finished brewing their morning coffee. These young boys will remember that Obama could not keep the environment safe from the oil spill, did not keep our homeland safe, put us in National Debt and valued his own politics over people.

1985.jpgI argue this point from my own experience. I was one of the thousands who saw Marine One fly over Fort AP Hill, Virginia in July 1985. The 1985 Jamboree was the 75th Anniversary of Boy Scouts and Nancy Reagan spoke a positive message to us young men. Looking back, there are two main things I remember about that Jamboree: listening to the Beach Boys play live and hearing Nancy Reagan speak. Had Reagan chose to address the Boy Scouts via a VHS recording, his voice would have filled the amphitheater with sound. But, the words I heard would not have gone to the heart. Presence is more important than performance.  People are more important than politics.

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