The Seed For A New Mexican-American War Has Been Sown

The ruling today by Judge Susan Bolton granting an injunction against parts of the Arizona immigration enforcement law is a dagger in the heart of American Liberty. The right to life, liberty and security has been deferred to allow squatters on our land to steal, kill and destroy us. Our Federal Government has passively declared that we are not allowed to defend ourselves.

Americans can no longer pretend that the Federal Government has not become a self-serving force that will ridicule and legally squash those who oppose it. Leviathan has declared that it is right, even when it is wrong. The Federal State is all-supreme. To hell with anyone else.Not Yours

The people of Arizona have faced boycotts and ridicule from statists and elitists. Accusations of racism were thrown around like candy in a parade against those who dare protect their own land. In reality, it is the Federal government who has been racist by allowing thievery, kidnapping, murder and slavery to occur. The Federal government will not protect its citizens from the wrongdoings of illegals, nor will it allow us to either. In effect, we must lay down and die. That is not Liberty, that is Tyranny.

American’s remember that Obama invited the Mexican President to scold and insult us on our own soil. A President who loved our country would not tolerate or invite a foreign leader to do such a thing. Likewise, thousands of illegals took to the streets in protest over the law holding up Mexican flags and issuing demands upon legal citizens.

American’s remember members of the Obama administration criticized the Arizona law even while admitting to not having read it. It did not matter what the law said, because Leviathan did not institute it. Never mind that over 60% of Americans supported the Arizona law or that other states have begun the process of enforcing the laws already on the books.

Those who support the pillage of America by illegal aliens often say that it is not reasonable to deport millions of people back to whence they came. Along that line of thinking, it is unreasonable to expect the Federal Government to prevent its own citizens from rising up and taking back what has been stolen. Pray that we can reverse this sadistic course at the ballot box. However, if history has taught us anything, it is that tyranny is best destroyed by the blood of Patriots.

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