Will The Genome Project Become A Scam Like Climate Change?

Its been ten years since the human genome project produced its first genetic “map.” At the time, genetic diagnosis of disease was projected to occur by 2010. Well, we are here in 2010 and those zealous ambitions are not fully realized. The reason for this is simple. Drawing a map is easier than actually getting to a destination. It is one matter to create a genome map and another entirely to to diagnose, treat and eradicate diseases. Herein rests the problem for the genome project; it runs the risk of becoming the next area of science full of fabricated data.

Consider the following:

  • The US Government spent 3 billion on the Human Genome Project.
  • The Pharmaceutical industry has also spent billions using the maps to create genetic tests and medications to treat diseases.
  • The government takeover of healthcare will result in a passive takeover of the pharmaceutical industry. If drug makers plan to be reimbursed by the US Government, then they will comply with its mandates on treatments.
  • The US Government will control what medications are researched, developed and distributed to people. Good treatments will most definitely be deferred if they are costly. Canada already does this.
  • The ARRA of 2009 has pushed millions of dollars into the US Healthcare Industry to make an electronic medical record for all citizens by 2014.
  • The US Government dictates what the EMRs (electronic medical records) must contain and how the data is communicated.
  • The US Government keeps failing entities afloat by deeming them “too big to fail” and artificially propping them up with an infusion of debt.
  • Death is cheaper than life.

The human genome map is akin to a flat map of the earth. The earth is round, and can never be accurately depicted as flat. The flat map still has distortions which cannot be avoided. Likewise, the genome map is flat and does not complete the full genetic picture of humanity. Variants have been found on the path to simply use the map to diagnose disease. It seems there are other factors out there that contribute to disease beyond the simple cut and dry evidence of a genetic marker. The number of variations already identified have some scientists worried that what they are seeing is nothing more than “statistical illusions.”08-05_th-handsoff.jpg

Where in this situation is there ANY motivation for science to be honest in its results? There is NO checks and balances to prevent data suppression and outright fraud. We have already seen a huge global push for the manipulation of climate data in support of an agenda. Is it too far to anticipate our government would purposely neglect or even fabricate data to keep heathcare costs down?

Patient data from clinical trials data can be manipulated in the same manner that climate data was changed. The success or failure of a drug or treatment could be manufactured to support the government’s agenda. Furthermore, the data could be hidden behind the veil of government secrecy, making it difficult for suspect situations to be investigated. The Feds could discourage research into their actions by making every request for information a prolonged FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) battle.

The only guarantee that our government can provide is that we can expect to die someday. The government’s goal will be to keep things cheap in our journey from the cradle to the grave.

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