Happy July 4th, America. But, Are We Really Free?

ws_sn_flag1_l.jpgThis July 4th, America is under siege from within. We have a statist President and Congress that does not believe in upholding the Constitution and rule of law. Instead, they want to mold America into a country of shame, fear, racism and hatred for our neighbor.

Our government is promoting itself at our expense and desires to have our liberty as its own. Millions have been awakened to the reality that we are truly not free this July 4th. Instead, we are hostages to government, media, institutions, and regulated corporations.

Our government has become inept and incapable of protecting our shores, assisting people during natural disasters and accounting for the money it has stolen from its citizens. The state has evolved from protector to parent

This July 4th, we have a choice to make. Do we continue down the road of self-delusion and apathy? Or do we begin to take back our liberty and resist the tyranny imposed upon us? Do we awake or continue to sleep on the pillow of oblivion? Each of us must rise and decide if we are free, or subjects of the state.

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