Obama Is Not A Deadbeat Dad

Baby ObamaJason Mattera of Human Events has called Obama a deadbeat dad. The justification for this title stems from Obama leaving his girls with a country in much worse shape than he received it. He argues that the ensuing mess left by Obama will impact the quality of life for his family. While it is true that America’s quality of life has and will erode under his Presidency, his daughters will not suffer. It is the rest of us who will be abandoned and neglected. Obama is already a millionare from book sales. He has a salary for life as President. Like Clinton, his ability to pontificate will keep him a well paid speaker. Simply being President will keep his family well fed for several generations. Their protection is guarenteed due to their father’s lifetime Selective Service protection.

In addition to his own abilities, his girls are guaranteed easy pathways through college and a cushy government job since those entities are very liberal and Obama-loving. They may even capitalize on their childhood experiences in the White House by writing book and other compensatory narratives. His girls will be successful in their endeavors because the liberals who remain in power will paint a yellow brick road for them.

Worst of all, race-baiters will continue to prop up the Obamas for years to come in an effort to rewrite history. The failures of Obama will be scultped as the natural result of white interference into his attempts to make change. White guilt will be used more than ever to manhandle whites into submissive apathy.

In this light, Obama looks to be an excellent father for his children. He has set them on a train ride into history. Fortunate for them, it will be a history riddled with security, priviledge, luxury and celebrity. They will be living the dreams of their father.

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