Month: July 2010

Obama’s Lesson For Boy Scouts: Government Is Worthless

Good Going, Obama. Any dedicated socialist knows that addressing a group of motivated young people is paramount to the success of a brainwashing campaign. As Honorary President of the Boy Scouts Of America, Obama had a grand opportunity to convince a whole generation of attentive boys that he was in fact a good President. Instead, read more …


The Seed For A New Mexican-American War Has Been Sown

The ruling today by Judge Susan Bolton granting an injunction against parts of the Arizona immigration enforcement law is a dagger in the heart of American Liberty. The right to life, liberty and security has been deferred to allow squatters on our land to steal, kill and destroy us. Our Federal Government has passively declared read more …


Obama Is Not A Deadbeat Dad

Jason Mattera of Human Events has called Obama a deadbeat dad. The justification for this title stems from Obama leaving his girls with a country in much worse shape than he received it. He argues that the ensuing mess left by Obama will impact the quality of life for his family. While it is true read more …