No More Communion For Arizona Government Officials?

Anthony Stevens-Arroyo, a so-called Catholic scholar is calling Catholic Bishops hypocrites for not denying communion to Arizona government officials. He wrote:

“In the face of hideous injustice, words are not enough. Will any of today’s bishops deny communion to Catholic officials who vote for this bill and its spawn of imitators in other states? Has censure been voiced against the local sheriff Joe Arpaio (a Catholic) who has led raids on Latinos?”

The more appropriate action for the Catholic Church is to censure Stevens-Arroy. This author and director of a religious studies program at Brooklyn College is forgetting some very important Biblical principles and even the Ten Commandments in commentary such as this. He is putting politics before the principles taught in the Bible, and is attempting to stir the Church to proclaim a boycott of Arizona.obamacommunionwafer.jpg

The first violation of the Ten Commandments that comes to mind is: Thou shall not steal. Millions of people trespassing on a foreign land, getting paid for jobs as illegals and receiving government benefits is nothing short of stealing.

Thou Shall Not Murder: How many innocent American citizens have been killed by illegals committing crimes in this country? Enough said.

Thou Shall Not Covet: Mexicans think parts of the United States are still a part of Mexico. We have sovereign borders. Also, it is not right for people to cross into a new land and declare the rights and privileges of a real citizens

Thou Shall Not Lie: Americans have their identities stolen every day. Even dead people are coming back to life through the theft of Social Security Numbers using the SSDI. Aliases and scrambled versions of real names are used routinely. This practice is seen in jails and hospitals around the nation. Illegals also lie routinely about their legal status to people in the community.

We are supposed to pray for all in authority since it is God who has placed them there. As Christians we have no right or authority to pick and chose who celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus. Maybe, instead of trying to make political points, the Catholic Church should encourage the squatters on our land to stop breaking God’s Law and America’s Laws.

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